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    Could you possibly recommend any Ad Blocking prevention plugins that are currently working, as all the ones i have found doesn’t seem to work on my adult sites.


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    It is estimated that over 50% of porn surfers use ad blocking apps and it is becoming a big problem if you are an affiliate and you want to make money with your traffic.

    There are many ways to by pass ad blockers but some of them are not as effective as others. I will give you some tips that work for me and they make my banners and links visible to all viewers.

    First of all, you will need to also resize the ads before you add them to your adult site. The banners that you download from the affiliate programs are using the standard sizes. So if you have a 300×250 ad, then you need to adjust the dimensions a bit, you can just change it to 298×246 and it will no longer be detected by the ad blockers.

    Also, before you even do that, you have to change the names of them. They usually are named “banner.jpg” or “ad_banner.jpg” and it alone will make them blocked. You need to change them to something that does not suggests that it is an add. You can even use random words like: “abc.jpg” or so.

    Now it is time to upload them to your site because if you embed them from the sponsor, the Ad Blocker blocks them automatically.

    The next thing you do is that you install an URL shortener plugin, I use the one named Pretty Links and it is free and very intuitive.

    You just need to copy and paste there your affiliate links you want to use for your banners and it will create an unique link that will not get blocked anymore.

    There are also other solutions like using a plugin (I do not use but I see good reviews about Adblocker Notify, Simple Adblock Notice or Block AdBlock) that displays notifications to your visitors that use ad blockers and tells them to disable them or whitelist your site, but it is not as effective as the other way.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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