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    Is it possible to use Google Adsense on adult related pages? If so what limit do they have? Has anyone tried?

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    You can put it there but they’ll run community service ads as soon as anything adult trips their filter. In other words – zero benefit. I’ve always wondered if I can have AdSense on a custom Google Search page for an adult domain. I’d like to change away from WordPress’ lame search functionality to something better and if AdSense could be on it, that would be great.

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    I totally see what your saying. I have noticed it on quite a few adult sites over time, not sure how they are succeeding in doing this though.As far as I have ever heard though, no adult sites ever with Adsense.I wish google would finally come up with something for the adult community to use like adsense.

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    Exactly, I’m sure I’ve seen it on Adult sites.

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    And cancel your adsense account and not pay you…

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    Yeah and they have no problem continuing to push their ‘ads’ until you actually remove the code yourself. I guess it’s not against their rules as long as they don;t have to pay you for it. Check out all the google ads on, specially the ones flagged adult, their rules don’t seem to apply there.

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    I cannot imagine anyone with an adult site running Google Adsense successfully. I wouldn’t even go there – it’s disallowed specifically in the terms and conditions.

    Some sites use the Adsense knock-offs – Adbrite is one of them. You will probably find that you’re going to have to have an awful lot of hits in order to make any real money. I believe that Adbrite pays you on CPM, not CPC (per click)… that means you will be earning dimes and quarters for every one thousand impressions that you display their ads.

    Frankly, in my opinion you can be a lot more clever controlling your own ad space and selling stuff through affiliate programs. You should know your own audience better then some detached sweatshop-style ad network.

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