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    I thought it would be useful to list all affiliate marketing companies in the adult that are known for scamming people so newcomers can see it and steer clear of them and don’t waste time and money promoting them. It would be fair if anyone could add them to the scammer list but some explanation should be required so that no one is throwing accusations around.

    I will start it off with the warning about Naughty Revenue. Their program is powering some really good sites with a top class content like Naughty America. I haven’t been paid by them since early 2018 and I have a few missing payments of nearly 5,000 of dollars now and after doing some digging, I can see that I am not the only affiliate that hasn’t received the funds, so it isn’t an isolated situation. In fact, I’m in contact with the one guy who is owed five figures (!). It’s a shame, because they convert like crazy with my traffic but it isn’t acceptable for such a huge company to do this.

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    You don’t want to have anything to do with Naughty Revenue, trust me. They once were a very good sponsor and in fact, they were my favorite one for many years. I owed over $12,000 and granted I stopped sending traffic, but it keeps growing since the rebills I’m getting. I fed up with their support that keeps telling me every month that I will be paid but it never happens. If you promote them then take into account that you might not see a dime you made with them.

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    It’s surprising that no one mentioned Sextronix yet. There are very detailed proofs that they are fucking over affiliates:

    They got caught overwriting cookies so you don’t get credited for any sales at all and they have many leaks on their tour pages as well. You have to think twice if you want to promote them, they will give you a few sales if you send some traffic, but they will rip you off a big time. There are also instances of people not getting paid by them and more.

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    This is a good thread. I think it should be pinned or something, to be easier to find. I also think Mister Adult Affiliate should implement a search button for the forum. There is good info here, but you have to browse through so many threads to stumble upon it, which is very difficult. A search button would make everything much easier.

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    I thought about pinning this and it is a great idea indeed so I will do that later on today. Also, I had some issues with the search feature not working properly, I managed to add it again. It still needs some tweaking but it is better than nothing, I think.

    Now back to the topic. If anyone has their own bad experience with sponsors to share with us, please do so, it will help the community 🙂

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