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    I never got into using Facebook for promoting adult content. Seems to me mostly pointless and doesn’t bring in the kind of traffic other sites can. I have a family member who has been trying to start her own (mainstream) business, but she’s ensnared in a group there and isn’t selling anything at all. I keep telling her to abandon it and reach bigger audiences with creative content on Tumblr, Twitter etc, but it’s like an addiction. It’s not working for her, and hasn’t for more than a year, but she’s still there preaching to the same 100 people who never bought anything.

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    We get some good traffic from Sticky, but they banned all media from my biggest seller because someone posted the wrong images once.
    We’re definitely going to focus more on it in 2019.
    Are there any tips for gaining more traffic from Sticky? It would be useful for those of us who just dabbled there for a while.

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    It looks like there are quite a lot alternatives popping up. I ended up using and I really like it. It’s like Tumblr and then some more. They also let you manage “topics” and other users can “tip” you. You can use funds to promote your posts. Some big Tumblr users have found their way to Sharesome

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    I’ve tried to use XStumbl but it’s a nightmare of bugs and it seems that’s halting any growth. I went to check it out some more hoping they’d progressed by you can’t even search for “wank” without it throwing and error and logging you out. Not sure that one is gonna go anywhere, TBH.

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    I’ve been checking this out for the last hour or so but I think I must be having a senior moment. I cannot for the life of me work out how to upload an image. It mentions adding a link to an image, but no option to upload.

    Please don’t tell me they’ve created an “alternative to Tumblr” without giving users the core functionality of actually uploading a photo, because that would be… what’s the word?

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    The word you’re looking for has to be Dumblr.

    At the moment you need a verified account in order to upload images and videos. You can either verify as a person or as a brand. Here’s how:

    1. For a person; you submit an image holding a note with your name and date (you don’t have to show your face)
    2. For a brand; you upload a txt file to the root of your domain. You can delete it after verification.

    Or you could wait a little, as they’ve mentioned uploads will be available for non-verified users in the next release.

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    Ah! Well, I guess that kinda makes sense.

    Thanks for the info.

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    Guys. You should come check out – we are a friendly and open adult community that hosts a lot of ex-tumblrs 💗

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    The World is changing but the internet is still for PORN! 😀 I am not worried..There is a site called plinner which looks like the original TUMBLR and people can transfer their tumblr blog easily…I have transfered my whole NSFW blog from TUMBLR to My blog will be continued.

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