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    I’m planning to create a new blog in WordPress and I was searching for adult blog themes. Unfortunately almost all I found were tube themes and most of them look like they’ve been copied from each other and just been recolored expect WP-Script that I am using for my WordPress sites.

    So I thought about using a theme that isn’t explicitly labelled for adult use. From your experiences, could I run into problems with the theme creator if I use the theme for adult content and could I be eventually being forced to take it down? Or would it be an option to use one of the standard themes that come with WP? I’m looking not for a fancy, unique theme, so it wouldn’t really matter. Maybe there are even sites that offer adult blog themes (not tube themes) you can recommend.

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    Wordpress is a free platform. You can use whatever you want. I’ve never had problems with theme authors.

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    I’ve only used paid themes that are available from WordPress and I’ve never had a problem with a theme’s producer. If I’ve needed help and they ask for a URL, I provide and tell them in advance that it’s a porn site so they aren’t shocked. There’s never been a problem.

    A long time ago, my friend bought a theme also through Themeforest. The developer was from somewhere in Asia, Thailand I think, and once he found out the theme was for a porn site, he wasn’t comfortable helping with problems. His theme eventually stopped updating and he disappeared, so I guess it does happen from time to time.

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    Thank you, that puts me at ease a bit. I’m planning to use a paid theme, most probably one where the developer is active and offers regular updates. I was just worried that a developer might check on which sites his theme is running and when he realizes that it’s an adult site, he might ask me to abandon the theme.

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    Yes, I used to think similarly, but I’ve been using TF themes for probably about five to seven years, and I’ve never encountered a problem. I think developers probably care more about selling themes than what they’re used for.

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    You warn them… I need to start doing that, I had an interesting discussion with a “Straight” hosting tech last year, lets just say I don’t think hes as straight as he was trying to made out… “HIM: wow his dicks huge… umm… urgh… not that I was looking, sorry for my language, I mean, Ummm, what did you say the problem was, umm do any of these man wear clothes, so it was about cron jobs you say, so what exactly do you call those underwear without the ass bit…”

    But back to themes, I dont think I have ever used an adult one, only ever premium ones.

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