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    I happen to compare stats from the old Network Cash affiliate program that moved to Adult Force. And discovered quite a frightening difference.

    I used to send 30k traffic to NC and still send the same to Adult Force. However now I make only about half f what I used too.. It looks to me like since moving over to adult force income has gone down by 45%!

    It’s actually a huge cut in revenue, very noticeable once you start looking.

    What’s more confusing is that since the move from NC there’s more and better sites under Adult Force.

    Anyone else found the same?

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    Our sales are way down with AdultForce. It started with their switch from NATS to their inhouse affiliate system. We used to make about the same amount of money with Buddy Profits as with Adult Force. Now Adult Force sales are less than half of Buddy Profits.

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    Since MG moved the program from NATs to its own AF, sales had declined. Now it’s getting even worse.
    Link codes of MEN and SC point to or Only if the surfers join the site in this session, the affiliates will get the credit. If the surfers join the site later on, they probably just type or on browser bar. So affiliates will not get the credit, unless they type the full name of or, which is highly impossible. It’s a smart trick to turn a 30-day cookie into a session cookie.

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    I’ve decided to try them out ( I didn’t promote their sites before November 2019.). Since my traffic to them is negligible, they have relatively good conversions. But just like you, I don’t think they are among the most profitable affiliate programs. Maybe because they are too popular and affiliates only get the leftovers from huge traffic. I don’t think there’s any other explanation. Probably visitors who want to join do it while surfing in one of their numerous tubes. Cookies can be a reason, but I bet on the popularity of their own network.

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    I noticed this within months of them switching over. I’m sure there was even a discussion about it here. We’d been doing okay with them for a while and building up steam and then suddenly they switched and our stats dropped off a cliff. It didn’t make sense, because our rate of posting hadn’t changed, the traffic hadn’t changed, just the affiliate platform had. That was a big red flashing warning light for us.

    We stopped promoting them around that time.
    We were putting too much work in and after a few weeks of just using them for filler we dropped them entirely, exactly what we did with RandyBlue when they started to sink.

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