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    TOP hosts with no support!

    So after searching on forums I found two adult hosts Mojo and M3S.
    10 Hours ago contacted both of them by email, skype, ticket and online widget but no answer. (I can share pics if needed)
    I need a good hosting like this guys but with better support 😐

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    TOP hosts with no support!

    Name and Title 😐

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    It is a weekend when you was reaching them so keep in mind that it will take significantly longer to get a reply, especially when you are contacting their sales team which is not as responsive. These are literally two best adult hosts on the web and you will not find anything better for your site and I even have two solid servers on M3Servers and they are really good so it is not a coincidence that many people recommend them.

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    Hack, virus and other stuff like this happens all the time for sites.
    Did you ever had this problems and anything like that? how was M3 support that times?

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    I never had this happen to me while hosting with them and when there are some minor issues, they are fixing anything in a few hours at worst.

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    thank you for answers.
    DO you know What time is it now for M3 guys?
    where I live today is the day week starts.

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    I am not sure about this, but I think that they are based in the USA. You would need to ask them about this.

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