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    Hi, Mr. Adult Affiliate!

    If you check ‘website’ tab, you will see I placed there a link from an adult pirate cam site (the one with .tv) that has tons of recorded videos. I see that it uses flowplayer, so that means the videos are not embedded and using kenplayer, right? The second one (the one with .com) belongs to the same webmaster, but he uses KVS player here.

    So how does he do it? Is he uploading to his server? That would be too costly, wouldn’t it? I am very curious about his method, and I thought you might know. For various reasons, I chose not to post the link publicly, in order to not tempt others to become pirates, so it is for your eyes only.

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    The owner of these adult sites is indeed hosting the videos on the servers. I am sure his hosting bill is not small (he is paying low four figures a month at least) but he would not keep it for so long if it was not profitable to him.

    The thing is that he is bombarding his viewers with pop ups and he also works with some cam affiliate programs and he sure sends them lots of sign ups but some sponsors have banned him for pirating videos.

    He might make good money, but he needed to invest a lot in his servers and what he does might get him into very serious trouble with the law because not only he is hosting videos, but he does not respond to removal notices and I have heard that he is posting hacked private videos too and his sites has been taken down a several times already for content infringement in the past.

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    Thank you for the response!

    I hope he gets into trouble soon, because he is not allowed to post recorded videos. Some models whose DMCAs had/have not been dealt with should definitely sue him.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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