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    My knowledge of SEO is close to zero, so perhaps this is a simple question, but I seem to remember hearing conflicting things, so clarification would be much appreciated from anyone in the know.

    For SEO purposes, does Google rank different subdomains differently, or does it group them all together under the adult main domain?

    i.e., if I have a bunch of pages with tons of incoming links located at, will that boost the page rank and therefore the SEO ratings for, or only for

    A related question:

    Let’s say I want to move the pages (with tons of incoming links) from to

    1. Will a 301 redirect be transparent to the surfer?
    2. Can I have the content for some period of time (during transition) without incurring the page rank hit for duplicate content, or must I immediately put up the 301 redirect at the old location?

    3. If I leave up the duplicated content and take the page rank hit, will things be restored when the original location is replaced with 301 links?

    Thanks so much for any assistance!

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    Each subdomain is considered a separate site that must prove itself and stand on it is own. Pages on one subdomain do not benefit pages on their sibling subdomains. For that reason you do not want to use subdomains unless you have got a damn good reason for doing so (like a members area that does not need to rank in the SERPs).

    1) I would not call 301s “transparent”. “Automatic” is a better term. Chances are they will not notice the page is on a different URL unless you change the page.

    2) Do the redirect immediately. Otherwise you risk a duplicate content penalty.

    3) If you must have duplicate content put a link (with good anchor text) from the old page to the new page in the interim. Do not link in the other direction.

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    MRA answered it already very well.

    In simple terms, a subdomain = seperate site, so: and are 2 different sites in Google’s eyes.

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    Thanks very much for the info. The only reason I thought the ranking information might be shared between different subdomains is I have a domain where the root ( has nothing special as far as content on it, but a subdomain ( has a ton of content that has many incoming links, and the root domain seems to have benefitted in terms of page rank.

    But perhaps it is either coincidence or there are more incoming links to the root domain than I’m aware of.

    Once again, I appreciate the info.

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