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    I am looking for opinions on adult tube themes in 2019. I need to hear it from real webmasters, not marketers promoting their products. I am about to open a few websites and I will need one, but I would rather start with something working than wasting my money but more importantly my time on something that is garbage.

    Back in the time, like five years ago, I have used the theme named Detube, it was quite good, but now I can see that they stopped updating it and I do not want to use something that is not maintained. I had a short experience with TubeAce, I am not sure if they are around anymore. I had some minor issue with their script so I contacted them, but the owner was extremely unpleasant to me so I asked for a PayPal refund after two days or so and this is all I can say.

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    It is a good question because there are quite a few sites selling tube WordPress themes but most of them are not really good so you can possibly burn a lot of money on them before you finally find something worthwhile, especially if you are new and you do not have any experience.

    I remember the DeTube and it seemed to be quite solid, but they suddenly have been kicked out of ThemeForest and as you said, they stopped providing any support and updates for it.

    I will share with the list of all the shops I have recently used with my short reviews about them. I will not mention the ones that I have used more than two years ago since you want to a fresh feedback.

    XWPThemes. They have been around for many years and they have got some great themes and plugins. I actually used to recommend them on here, but I stopped doing so because people started complaining about the lack of support from their side. I am still using the KenPlayer on some of my adult sites but if you are not tech savvy, you can not fix the small bugs yourself or hire someone to do it for you, then you are dependent on their service which is not best at the moment. I hope that they will improve but for the time being, you need to look for better alternatives unless you can fix the stuff yourself.

    AdultWPThemes. Again, their themes visually look quite good, but their pricing is too high, you pay $40 for a single domain license and $199 for unlimited one and you are charged every year for it. I stopped using them, because they do not update frequently and all the ad areas in their themes are blocked by AdBlock so I would lose like 40% of all earnings if I would keep it.

    WP-Script. I was not a big fan of theirs a few years ago, because their support was nearly non existence even though their themes are really top notch but the things have changed and a few months ago I started using them again on my adult sites and I am more than happy with what they offer these days. They keep replying in less than a one day (which is really fast in comparison to competitors), they keep improving their products as time goes by and they are very affordable, which makes them far the best place to buy templates and plugins these days. The RetroTube is only like $24 and there are no recurring payments. Make sure to use this link to get the biggest discount offered.

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    It has been two months since I started using WPS on my sites and so far I like it, it’s definitely better than the other ones I have purchased so far.

    I would advise to stay clear of the TubeAce as their import tool doesn’t seem to be working almost all the time and they don’t respond to tickets even if you’re their client. Also, I have seen that they keep increasing the already high prices. It sells for $150 for more than five sites and they don’t do refunds.

    Also, MechBunny is a tube script and it’s quite great but it’s way more costly than your average WordPress alternative. You also need a good server, a VPS or preferably a dedicated server to run it.

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    there is no ideal tube theme in the adult and you have to sacrifice one way or the other, that is it. if you haven’t managed a site before then the wps is currently the best choice in my honest opinion. they indeed have their own issues, but they are better than others and their products are of a top quality.

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