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    I am thinking of selling this domain or, alternatively, developing it into an affiliate site with listings for adult porn sites, cam sites and adult dating sites.

    Any views on what would be the most lucrative path?

    I’ve no idea what to price the domain at and I’d rather develop the site into an affiliate review site rather than sell cheaply.

    The issue for developing is the amount of work involved to get decent levels of organic traffic for an affiliate site in this sector. These days Google seems to like a lot of content and pure listing directories are a thing of the past. Writing affiliate content isn’t usually an issue for me but this isn’t a sector I would excel at.

    So the last query is where to get writers of decent quality articles that will rank well? There are plenty of article writer sites but most wouldn’t touch this sector.

    I doubt most users in the adult space want to read a 2,000 word review on a cam site before clicking to use, but that’s what it generally takes to get a keyword ranked.

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    It is a great domain name for sure. It could sell for four even five figures but if I were you I would develop a website on it instead, especially if you have messed with building them before.

    A review site is a good idea if you can write detailed posts and you can do quite well with it because millions of people are searching for reviews and they are willing to spend money so this kind of traffic is targeted and convert very well.

    You can either build a directory website like ThePornDude (I would recommend getting a WordPress theme for it from XWPThemes, it costs like $39 or so and it looks great) or something like RabbitsReviews.

    There are plenty of writers that work for adult projects and I can give you a few contacts if you want to, but can not you do that yourself?

    You can add screenshots, some pictures of models, even embed cam videos from XVideos to your review posts to keep your visitors busy so it does not have to be all text and nothing else.

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    Thanks that’s useful to know. I have seen the ThePornDude’s directory site and it must be highly lucrative for him. That success goes against the trend as most directory sites struggle these days. He must have built up a ton of links to get his rankings. I think he has a bit of content for each link, but it’s fairly minimal. If a directory site works in this sector then it cuts out a lot of hard graft doing lengthy reviews.

    I’d probably sell if I had a five figure offer but I’ll research more into developing it as it would be good to get a sustainable income from it. It’s a tempting option. If you can put me in touch with any writers and also site developers (for a review or directory site) then that would be appreciated. As you say, I could write the content myself as the costs add up even when using some second tier writers where the works needs a bit of polishing.

    Anyway, thanks again and the article writer and developer contacts would be much appreciated.

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    I do not understand why this is a good domain. It is not even a .com extension. Why would a extension be worth anything? It is diffocul to write, difficult to read, difficult to pronounce etc.

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    Yes, obviously not as valuable as a dot com but is probably the second most valuable extension going. It the favoured extension for the UK market so it would make sense for any developed site to hone in on UK traffic.

    It’s also an exact match with 40,000 plus monthly searches on the keyword ‘adult sites’. Exact match domains aren’t given such a high rating factor in the Google ranking algorithm as they used to be, but they are still a helpful element that can assist rankings.

    For some reason dot nets have lost their value a bit although globally a dot net is likely to be better than a That said, with a population of 64m and the second biggest market for people who speak English as their first language, you can see why domains hold their value. Anyone who has a also has rights to use the shorter .uk, however, just as .com has established a trust factor over time, so has

    You’ll often see big companies in specific countries favour the local domain as in for Australia and for New Zealand.

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    Ok, I see. To me, it is still not appealing. I have always prefered .com, and I have never had a different extension.

    Thanks for the detailed explanation!

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    Yes dot com is better and usually worth about five times or more a value. Depending on the exchange rate.Gold went for about $800,000, cruises $700,000 and webhosting for around $450,000. So adultsites. com might fetch $60,000 or even 6 figures but the would be low 5 figures.

    By the way, MrAA, please can you send any info on adult sector article writers? I usually use Upwork and then edit / polish the reviews. These are generally quite conservative female writers and I can’t see them wanting to review the casual / adult sites.

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    You can contact these writers that I have used over the years and still use some of their services. They can do pretty much anything adult related.

    lettertwenty7 at
    Skype: lettertwenty7

    editorneilxxx at
    order at

    contact at

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    Many thanks, that’s very useful.

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    Just an update.

    I am doing several other time-consuiming affilate sites so I have decided to sell the domain. I signed up with GFY and also HuntingMoon to try and list the domain for sale. Both accepted my sign-ups but as a ‘newbie’ I am not allowed to post directly and the site text said that I’m required to email them first.

    So I emailed both sites on the email address they advised on four occasions but I haven’t had a reply from either and still don’t have permission to post. That’s surprising, especially with HuntingMoon, as they make money from listings (a listing fee plus 15% of any sale I think). I see their website has little recent information so perhaps they are no longer operating?

    Well, I guess I’ll have to just try the likes of Sedo and the mainstream domain sellers but it would have been better to advertise it via a specialist site.

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