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    Mi Mi

    I have been following your blog and find it tremendously useful. I would like to start a tube site and have some experience using wordpress. Your blog posts lead to XWPThemes and I checked them out. I am thinking of purchasing ZingTube together with

    1. KenPlayer
    2. Xhamster Importer Pro
    3. Pornhub Importer/Embedder for WordPress
    4. XVideos Importer Pro Plugin for WordPress.

    but their site says ZingTube theme, on purchased come with some XVideo Importer Plugin but I am not sure which one they are talking about since there are 2 xvideos importer plugin on their site.

    Can you give me some advice on which plugins and themes for purchase as a starter? I definitely want XVideos, XHamster and Pornhub videos on my site.

    Another question is, I don’t know how to make money with KenPlayer. Like what sort of ads I can feed to KenPlayer that can help me generate some money. Can you give me some pointers on that too?

    Ok as I am writing this post, I see XWPThemes has now KEN Importer Pro (New Plugin) which you can import videos from xvideos, pornhub, youporn, redtube, xhamster, Youtube and more ++++. Should I just purchase this new plugin instead of buying those 3 plugins? This is confusing. Their site obviously not configured to be user-friendly.

    As for hosting, I am thinking of using 247 hosting as you have been recommending a lot in other posts. Checking the google, some people say 247 hosting isn’t as good as it used to be and their reviews are quite recent. Any second thoughts on this too?

    Appreciated if you could advice me on these and also give me your affiliate link for every product I might be purchasing. That way I can also help you too. Cheers !

    #4682 Reply has just added the new plugin called the Ken Importer which let you import videos from dozens of different adult tube sites so it is better and especially cheaper to buy this plugin instead of buying other plugins. They added it because some people use many sites but they have also plugins for specific sites since they are less expensive and some people just use XVideos or just use PornHub.

    So the Ken Importer, the ZingTube theme and the KenPlayer plugin, should be enough to build a very nice adult site.

    For the hosting, I am using TMDHosting – and 247-Host – The truth is that all hosting companies have some negative feedbacks and it is mainly because people are more likely share negative opinions than positive ones but most people (I am not saying all, but certainly most of them) that complain about hostings are cheaters that got caught doing something fishy and then they try to blame others.

    I think the TMDHosting would be a great choice for you and they are not that pricey for a fully managed hosting and you can start with their most basic plan without a problem, unless you want to start many tubes right away.

    The KenPlayer plugin is mainly for removing all kinds of ads that are added by the big tube sites you embed your videos from (like XVideos, PornHub, RedTube) but it also lets you display your own ads in the video player and this is how you can monetize it. You can add any kinds of ads, it depends on what niche you are in but I would recommend promoting adult cam sponsors since they are the most profitable. You can find the list of cam sponsors that I am working with here:

    Start Here

    Please do let me know if you have any other questions.

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    Mi Mi

    I just bought TMDHosting and without having any reason, they just refund my money back and closed my account. They didn’t give me any reason for closing my account too. I am not even sure they are adult content friendly.

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    It is really strange, I have not heard such a thing happen to be honest. I am 100% sure that they do allow adult sites on their servers (, I am using them and I know several adult webmasters that use them as well and they never had such issues. I would contact them because it is most likely some kind of mistake on their side. I am sorry that it happened to you.

    If not, I would recommend going with I am hosting some smaller adult sites with them and do not have any down times and I do not remember if I had any major issues with them. I can see that they are running a summer special offer.

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    I’m with tmdhosting on the business plan and I run two adult WordPress sites, they are quite new so don’t receive that much traffic so I don’t need that much of support but I had to message them twice and they replied to me in the quick time frame.

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    I have been making money as an adult affiliate for almost five years now and I have been with Mojohost, Hostgator, Hawkhost and now I am with tmd and I having the best experience with them and I put over 10 tube sites on it so far. I have heard a little bit about 247Host on other sites and they seem to be decent too, but I can’t tell for sure since I have never been their client.

    You can use the default WordPress theme or some other free ones if you don’t have that money and then get a premium one but I would definitely get the Kenplayer and Ken Importer Pro plugins right away because seriously I can’t imagine running an adult website without them. The Ken Importer is indeed new but I have been using it for days and it’s really amazing and you don’t need to use all other importer plugins if you have this one.

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    TMDHost asks you to pay up front for a year or even three, but they give you a great deal if you order for a long time so it makes a sense. I am using them among other hostings and I can’t complain. M3Server is good too but they do not offer shared hosting, but their VPS servers are very powerful and you can get one for $15 and they are an adult company, I think.

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