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    Can someone tell anything about affiliate cam program – StreamRay? I curious if they convert, since I haven’t promoted them yet and they seem to have a nicely designed site and sexy models. I would test them for a while on my newly opened adult blogs so I need some feedback if they are worth the hassle or not.

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    To be honest, I have never promoted them much so I can not give you much feedback, besides that my conversion ratio was not good at all while I was pushing

    However, I have seen some affiliates do big numbers with them but I also have read bad stories of people working with them who did not get paid so there are mixed opinions.

    If you have some adult traffic then you should consider joining Chaturbate and CrakRevenue. I get high conversions with these two cam sponsors and you should do well with them.

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    i promoted for four past months but the results were disappointing. the thing is that they don’t have many models available live (the biggest cam sites have a couple thousands of them at any given time) and they might have good looking girls but they don’t get many consistent spenders just like the CB or MFC. that is my experience with them.

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    Are they still around, lol… I mean I used to work with them for many years but I stopped in 2009 because I couldn’t get convert them anymore. Their Alexa rank is only 5,074 (in comparison Chaturb has a 144 rank) so I think not many affiliates promote them anymore, such waste of a good domain.

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    they used to sell back in the day but honestly i don’t know an adult affiliate doing with them better than with other cams sponsors and i think that they have leaks like promoting their dating sites like adult friend finder. i wouldn’t send them traffic, there are many better selling live products out there.

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    That’s weord. I have not noticed any dating offer on their site. If you got a pop under, I certaonly did not get it, amd I do not have adblock on, since we are all webmasters and we know that webmasters cannot get paid because of those damn adblockers. So I prefer to not use it, so that another webmaster can get his commission from my clicks.

    But if you are talking about a link on their site to a dating offer, then I must have missed it. So where exactly did you see that dating offer?

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    you just need to scroll down the page and there is a text saying other sites and you can see there them being mentioned. i have heard that they send out emails to their customers promoting adult friend finder and other products that they own themselves.

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    Thanks for this info!
    I was considering promoting them in the future, but now that you mentioned they use shady techniques to shave traffic from webmasters, I will stay away.

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