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    Last time because of this I can solved the error that having in kenplayer.So I ask help again to fix this new issue.First of all I want say I just contract them and I know they are little late because of two many tickets so If any of you guys know how to fix this that will be awesome.So my error is when I open my video I dont see the player.Its mission so I change Jwplayer to jsplayer again and player start showing but its not working.Any idea anyone ?

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    im facing the same error, the problem solved when i deactivate kenplayer but when the time i enable it, all my videos in my tube site are unable to play. Please help MR adult affiliate

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    Its not unable to play in my issue the problem I cant see a player atleast lol

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    I just checked out my adult sites which are using this plugin and the videos are working fine. I am mainly embedding videos from the XVideos.

    Are you using maybe some other plugins? Try to disable all plugins and only activate the KenPlayer and see if the videos are working, the one plugin may cause this issue.

    I am going to send the XWPThemes’s staff the link to this thread.

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    Also keep in mind that if there are any issues with the plugin, it is almost always because the tube site has updated their site, did some changes, so the author of this plugin needs to update it to make it work again.

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    Got it bro 🙂

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    mr adult affiliate, does this mean we need to wait the author fix it?

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    me too either I cant see any player

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    I now think that it is not the issue on the plugin’s side because you can clearly see that all the videos are working on the demo site of the KenPlayer

    Are you using the Really Simple SSL plugin? Recently, WordPress has released update as well as the RSS plugin, so it may be why the videos are not working.

    If you are using this plugin try to uncheck the box for the Auto replace mixed content.

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    hi mr adult,my video is working again. I have no idea why, I think it is the pornhub importer plugin but it is ok now.

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