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    Hello Mr. Adult Affiliate

    I don’t know if it is a permanent thing, but PornHub is back with their “This video file cannot be played.
    (Error Code: 224003)”

    Is there an alternative to the Ken Player that can by-pass this?

    Kind regards,

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    Simon @ WPAdult

    This might be a permanent problem. Hubtraffic is starting to encrypt URLs to their video files in the website’s source code in order to force people to use their embed code instead of “stealing their bandwidth” and obviously to display their own ads. Technically it will be hard (if not impossible) to by-pass this.

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    I think that I have to agree with Simon. The guys from WP-Script have their own plugin like the KenPlayer but they removed the PornHub from supported tubes so something is up.

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    If they did it for pornhub, they will do it soon for the other three sites that clean tube works with, since the other three tubes also belong to MG. I guess that would make clean tube plugin useless. I bought it some time ago, and I haven’t used it, I only tested it on my robo site, because I do not have a tube.

    In this situation, I may talk to Dylan in order to change it for something else. Besides, I was the one who kept defending wp-script on this forum, which led Mr. Adult Affiliate to check this script out again and this changed his opinion and now he became their affiliate. I think Dylan should not refuse me, because of this.

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    Dylan from WP-Script

    Hello everyone, quick message about PornHub.

    Yes, they block our WPS Player (and competitors too). What I recommend to all our customers is to disable PornHub in their list so that videos can play and you keep your visitors.

    As Balaboit said, we also think that this problem will occur with the oter sources related to MG. Anyway, we are working on a solution (but let’s be transparent, i don”t gaurantee it will work but we’re doing our best) and you’ll have news about this situation very soon.

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    There aren’t any better alternatives besides the one from WPS mentioned. The thing with that plugin is that it depends on the other sites, so if they decide to block it, it’s hard and sometimes impossible to bring it back to working properly.

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    Mr K

    Can you find a solution or alternative way to kenplayer? I really need

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    I don’t think that there is anything more than what has been discussed already and it isn’t only the KenPlayer having these issues, other similar plugins face them too if you look closely.

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    Mr K

    there is a way around that yes! Because I have an online site in a free hosting that continues running kenplayer.

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    What about JWPlayer video? its supposed that you can use the embed videos on it avoiding the redirection and using your own publicity

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