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    Mr K

    Ken Player Transformer still not working?

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    I don’t use it anymore but their demo page shows that the player is still working somehow: but I guess not for all videos.

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    The KenPlayer Transformer works fine as long as you dont use pornhub as your source for embedding videos. I am also finding the kenimporter also works fine as long as not using it with pornhub as well. I would personally recommend curating the posts after the importer has done its job to make sure you have unique titles etc.

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    Hi, I have the same issue with Ken player. Has anyone got a solution? If you turn off transformation and client clicks on vid, they go to the original site….

    I bought kenplayer because recommended it?


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    Please let me know which tubes you are embedding on your adult website? I give you tips how to by pass those ads with the KenPlayer plugin.

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    I´m embedding videos from xvideos and want to avoid redirection and other links inside videos that might divert users to the original website.

    I saw some demos and noticed those black frames above and below the video, and other with a complete black border. Is that something I can change on setup or it´s a player´s limitation?

    Besides pornvideos, is there any other major adult sites presenting problems with kenplayer?

    Once I buy this plugin, which is the official support channel?


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    Honestly, I can only tell you that it works quite well with the XVideos and it removes their ads from the embed videos but I am not sure about other tubes. You need to be aware, that you might very little help if any from the XWPThemes after the purchase, but it is the same case for other adult theme shops, sadly.

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    I want to tell Mr. Dylan from WP-Script that the WPS Player is sold as premium, but in truth it is a plugin that does not display your videos in HD making it look like a poor quality free tube.
    It is true that the plugin blocks xvideos, Redtube and Youporn ads, but DOES NOT PLAY THEM IN HD. Why?

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    Hello Jen,

    Unfortunately, this quality loss is not due to our products. What happens here is that the WPS Player transforms the video well but xvideos detects you already imported many videos (with your IP) so it automatically provide you low-quality video to prevent you from getting other videos.

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    Hello WP-Script,

    Regarding Xvideos provides low-quality videos – could there be an option to use rotating proxies when importing the videos from the same source?

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