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    Just found out today that another adult affiliate with several really good blogs is leaving the business. He might come in and say something about it, I think he has many accounts on forums.

    He’s been working in the business since 2008 and was making good money with several different affiliate sites but over the last couple of months sales have collapsed, according to him the last month has been terrible, too much work for no profit.

    I don’t know if this is a trend or just a seasonal dip, but I do know I’m seeing fewer sales this month.
    I’m not sure if he’s selling the blogs, leaving them running or taking them out completely. I would have considered buying one or two from him but the way things are right now it’s not viable in my opinion.

    Anyone else seeing a decline? What are your thoughts? Is it just another seasonal dip?

    It’s quite depressing, he’s a good friend and we wrote for each other a few times and made some good money. I always thought he would be one of the last ones standing.

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    I’m certainly not a successful blogger or even do it regularly but have been thinking of doing the same. Even occasional sales used to cover the cost of maintaining a domain name and hosting but the last few months sales have been non existent, too many links to change when sponsors change processors, stats that don’t match, and higher payout requirements are making it less worth the time. My old domains I simply let expire. If I decide to let my few remaining sites go I’ll post them here but hoping things will pick up when the college kids are back in school and horny guys are in for the winter.

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    I’m leaving my blog up but I stopped updating months ago after my google traffic fell off a cliff and never recovered, sales obviously went with it. Shame, but I had a pretty good run.

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    I’m holding out for a little longer, but I am planning to start going through my domains and cutting out anything that’s not performing.
    After maybe a year I’ll look at things again and see if anything has improved. If things are still like this with my own blogs in that time I’ll probably be thinking about selling.

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    I too stopped blogging – a year and a half ago. I had to choose between spending time blogging or spending time developing something that would be my future. Thankfully my sales have just declined slowly and haven’t fallen off a cliff (knock wood). Here are my graphs for “known” revenue/sales/rebills for the past 6 months (actually 28 day periods). I say “known” because it just includes NATS-based sponsors and PPV Networks. Ever since StatsRemote died I’ve been running a little blind. So that means the dip in the past month is probably reflective of Men Network Cash going off NATS to a platform I haven’t written code to pull data from.

    If any of you guys are thinking of actually closing out your blogs and not renewing your domains, contact me. I’m not doing so well that I could pay for blogs/tubes, but I’d be willing to keep your link codes intact so you continue to get paid by your sponsors for any sales off your posts. Basically I’d suck your posts into the sites I’ve been building. It’d be content for me and continued revenue and zero cost for you. Only caveat is your gay sites need to use jump scripts and be decent quality (good tagging, decent text, etc.).

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    The summer slow down started last month, June, July and August have historically been the worst month of the year.

    Blogging is very difficult, it takes a lot of work and sales are hard to get. But has not blogging always been difficult and a fairly thin line between doing well and not getting much out of it? There are of course a few that are still doing very well. Isn’t that they way of most things, few big sites/companies survive and most smaller players gets knocks out eventually?

    Not sure I would have dropped the domains and blogs though, why not just leave them up?

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    He’s not active in the community much, I think he posted on here and he posts on a couple of other general forums.

    I’m looking at alternatives. I have my writing, but I always like to have at least two irons in the fire.
    I do have one other affiliate blog with a different format to the usual, more of a Wiki or database really.
    Been kind of playing around with it for a while but I’m just not happy with the format for it, I’ll probably keep that going if I can commit to daily updates with it. It’s promising traffic-wise.

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    That’s why I’m hoping there might be a change coming up and things will turn around.

    I think it’s a shock to him because he’s really seen a big decline when comparing current income to what he used to earn for the same amount of work.
    Blogging has definitely always been difficult, but only a couple of years ago you could be pretty sure that when you put a post up you’d get at least a couple of sales from it.
    From what he’s said to me he’s struggling to make a single sale publishing 5 posts a day. So, if that’s true, I can totally understand why he would be throwing in the towel.

    Not sure what he’s doing with them. I will be recommending he keep them going until they stop paying for themselves.
    He might be selling them, but he’s not answering emails at the moment so I’m not sure what his plans are.

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    agree with you Albertomax. It used to be easy bringing in sales with even crappy posts, not so much anymore. I hope Mr. Adult Affiliate is right and things pick up during the fall. Past years have been slow but not dead.

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    Imagine how producers must feel. If it’s hurting bloggers, you can only guess how much it’s hurting us, between model fees, recruiting fees, editing costs/time, hosting fees, affiliate payouts, etc. as overhead.

    I believe many of us can thank P0rnHu8 for the current state of the industry, as the root of the “free porn” mentality. And now they own… everything.

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