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    I’m doing some research into traffic and I notice that I’m getting a lot of traffic from an adult blogspot blog.

    He’s got me listed under My Blog List, then where I appear, it pulls the first few word of the first post.

    I’m not familiar with blogspot, so what happens? He adds me to his blogroll and a script grabs the first few words of my post.

    And how does it work, the more often you post the higher up on the list you go? So if you’re posting every day, you should be near the top.

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    Jesus … I just looked more closely at the stats … this one guy alone sent me 40,709 visitors last month, more than anyone else including Google. Is that possible?

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    Unfortunately that’s not the number of people that come to your blog. That’s the number of times his blog connects to your server. I see the same insane numbers from blogger in my server logs. Their blogroll script connects with your server to display your favicon file or to grab your latest articles.

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    Those bloggers have a few “gadgets” i think they are called, that they can add to their website. One of them is feeds where it lists the latest content from your RSS feed in their sidebar under a section that covers blogs the writer of that blog “follows”.

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    I do hate those scripts or gadgets, i doubt they do anything other than put your server under a unnecessary load. I solved it by using FeedBurner for my feeds.. rather not have all those blogs requesting files directly from me.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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