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    Hello folks,

    I recently started out this journey into the porn affiliate world thanks to Robo’s WP plugin (featuring chaturbate only so far) I started my adult webcam site. After having spent quite some time to learn the basics and improve page performance speed, it’s working okay (but still only 12th average ranking position). I even created my original logos and made as much effort as possible for the website to not look just like a white label (that’s a good thing, right?). But now my worries are of course how the hell do i get traffic, i mean, enough to keep me motivated to go on?

    As I understand 2 are the main ways (pls hit me with more methods if you know them!):

    – Work hard on SEO(i got the Yoast plugin):
    But how am I supposed to do that in terms of post contents length and frequency of posting? It’s not like i can post entire blog posts, or should I?

    – Use (wisely) social network:
    Ok, I wanted to use the built-in auto-twitting API. I carefully followed Nick’s suggestions (which I find very helpful) as for the proxy servers etc. Unfortunately, twitter did not accept my applications and for some reasons suspended one of my pva accounts. Is Tumblr any better with their new regulations? I doubt it.

    Finally I also wanted to ask if you think that running a webcam site that hosts only couples, for example, can be considered a niche? If not, I could narrow down to showing just couples over 40, but i think it wouldn’t make up enough content on your website to have a good ranking?

    I’m willing to keep working and not give up but it’s frustrating at times. Any tips about all this will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks for the amazing and informative forum.

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    First of all, I have to congratulate you on having your first website set up. I actually visited it just a moment ago and I can tell that I already like the look of it and it looks promising for sure.

    There are dozens of ways you can increase your traffic to your webcam website and I am going to mention only the most productive ones so you do not waste your time with the ones that are not worth bothering.

    I have written a post that should give you lots of ideas. You can take a look at it here and I also recommend reading the comments since some of them can be very valuable for newcomers:

    How To Promote Adult Webcam Site

    There are only two ways you can get a high quality traffic that really converts into sales and makes real money.

    You can either buy it or get it from Google and other search engines by working on optimizing your website for SEO (it might sound scary but it is actually very easy to understand).

    If you choose the first option, you need a big budget and willing to spend a lot because the sites you are going to get clicks from, have very expensive prices because their traffic is highly targeted thus sells incredibly well.

    Most of such placements are already sold out by bigger players anyway so you are forced to buy traffic that do not convert as well.

    I would not recommend media buying to any affiliate that is not willing to test hundreds of offers, optimize and burn a lot of money in the process before you find something great.

    You can really spend 1000 dollars and make no money at all. I have been there and done that many times over.

    Or you can also create your own website and get some Google rankings on some keywords that will send you visitors for free instead.

    You will need to work on the SEO. This means adding new content (be it videos, blog posts, images, literally in any kind of format) on a regular basis, the more often, the better but you have to keep in mind that the quality of it is what counts the most.

    For example, you might write a post about a model and embed some videos into it or you can review camming sites, the possibilities are almost endless if you are creative.

    The Robo plugin is a very nice product and it has many options you can use to customize your website so if you use it, you are already ahead of the competitors that are using poorly written scripts or white labels.

    You should add as much unique copy as possible. You might also edit your homepage and add some hand written text. is a good example of how you can do that).

    The second thing you can do is to open accounts on adult friendly social media sites like Twitter or Reddit and start adding some stuff there. Just do not bother with Tumblr because they just recently became a no go area/place for porn related content.

    You might get some free traffic from them but it is nowhere near as profitable as the one you can get from the Google so do not prioritize them because it is not worth it.

    If you start getting some visitors, you might think about getting some links from similar sites. They do not have to be on the same topic that yours is but they need to be somehow related.

    So if your niche is big boobs cams then you might get a link from a blog, or a tube on busty models.

    Of course it would be a lot of easier to get some backlinks from premium websites if you have funds for that, because they (administrators) do not care much about your rankings, they accept your offer if you have enough money.

    There are many other SEO tactics you can implement, but if you are starting out the ones that I already mentioned here are enough for you since they are the most important ones.

    I will try to update this topic with more information on that in the near future, so bookmark it and do not forget about it.

    Now let me answer your other question.

    The more narrowed your niche is, the easier it should be to rank because there is less competition and if there is any, they are not that hard to beat.

    But you have to choose it carefully because you might end up going with a topic that is so narrowed that is very little content for that.

    So let’s say you want to open an adult webcam site showing only models that are mature and black. Well, I can think that you will be able to find only a handful of such performers, even if you use multiple programs.

    That is why you need to do a proper research beforehand and decide yourself if it is worth it or not.

    At the end of the day, I can tell you that it is better to have a niche site than the general one that has all kinds of categories (like milf, teen) because then you are competing with all these big companies like CB that are very hard to beat to for an experienced webmaster, let alone a new one.

    It is a long reply but I do hope that you will find it helpful and let me know if anyone of you wants to ask me anything that is related to what we are discussing in this topic.

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    Thanks so much for the prompt reply! You really encouraged me to keep on working on my SEO and not give in to ads sellers like JucyAds (which I think are good but first i want to get some conversions for free).

    In the future I might be posting some more specific questions about seo tactics.

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    Right now, I’m experimenting with Ink for All. The Yoast design always chastises me for things that are clearly there! Can’t take it any longer.

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    I’m in the third month of running an adult cam affiliate site and so far I get 200 visitors from the Google after implementing these tips. You also have to remember about backlinks that are also important in the SEO world.

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