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    I’m such a freaking noob at linkbuilding it isn’t funny. I run a few sites that aren’t in the Adult niche, and the links just come in naturally. I’m really not used to outreach, and just generally unsure of myself when it comes to building links…
    Are comment links worthwhile for Adult? How many should I build a day? Are directory submissions good for Adult?
    I really just need a step-by-step guide for linkbuilding for Adult sites. There are guides out there, but they all seem to have different ideas of what to do and most of them are not Adult-specific.

    Can somebody please give me some tips?

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    Welcome to the forum Alexxx.

    To be honest with you, getting backlinks for adult sites is not an easy task. I run several mainstream website and I can tell you that it is a lot of easier to gain new links for these sites for many reasons. Building backlinks is a long term process and it surely requires patience and knowledge about the SEO.

    You should make a list of websites that are in your niche. You can find them on the Google search results page, let’s say you are in the gay amateur porn niche, then try to search for terms like “gay amateur porn” or “gay homemade porn” et cetera.

    You can ask the owners of these sites about the link exchanging with them. It works that way: The webmaster puts a link to your adult website on their site and you then put a backlink to theirs on your own website.

    Remember that you need only quality links from revelant website in your niche. So do not get backlinks on sites that are not related to your site.

    Now if your budget is not limited, you can buy some great backlinks. If your site is new, most of the best sites in your niche will not want to exchange with you, because your website is simple too small and does not get much traffic. But if you have the budget, there are very good chances that you can obtain a backlink on those sites.

    Do not purchase backlinks from the forums like blackhatworld and do not ever buy backlinks in bulk. Most of these links are very low quality and they will only do more harm than good. You should only buy backlinks one by one, check the Page Authority and Domain Authority of the website before you purchase any links.

    Another way of getting backlinks from quality sources will is guest posting. Some adult sites have blogs, so you ask them about getting a quest post on their blogs. You will pay for it or do it for free, but you will need to publish a similar post on your blog.

    This method can get a little bit expensive, depending on the quality of the adult site where you want to get listened. The better site, the more you will pay, you might have to pay in between $10 up to $200 per post. Of course, you can negotiate the final price.

    How does it work?

    Again you check the list of sites in your niche and ask these websites about the guest posting. If someone accepts your offer, you will need to write a great blog post and you can place a one or two do follow backlinks in that post.

    Adult blogs are a fantastic source to create a link to your site. You can make a few blogs with the content somewhat related to your main adult site and you can place backlinks on these blogs. It is not an easy and fast thing to do, you have to make a several posts before you add any links, because Google needs to notice your blogs first.

    I like to have more control over my backlink profile, so I love to build adult niche blogs and link them with each other.

    Submission to porn list sites. This kind of sites is quite popular nowadays, so you will not have a problem with obtaining a backlink from these websites. Examples of these sites include theporndude, toppornsites, sexpornlist,, et cetera.

    You submit your website with some information about your website and that is it. Unless your site is authority in your niche, you will need to put the link to theirs somewhere on your site.

    There is more information on how to rank a site and much more on my site:


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    I stopped trading links a long time ago, and I stopped trying to get links too. Things seem to be going okay without it, and I do believe that people should really be focusing on natural links generated by people genuinely wanting to share your content. Creating content worth sharing should be the focus in my opinion.

    I’m not sure how social links fare when it comes to ranking and juice, but I do know from my own experience that when people share links to my pages I often see spikes in organic traffic soon after. I do believe (at least for the time being) Google recognizes social media as an instant factor and applies that automatically for specific content.

    That seems to make sense too, given that so much of Twitter is about current events. It seems to me Google would have worked out a way long ago to associate your links when tweeted to popular hashtags. So, if there’s an adult hashtag people are using, and you have a page related to it, tweet a link to that page using that hashtag and you should see organic benefits too. It shows your content is relevant to current events in that subject.

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    Google does factor social media juice. Your social reach.

    This is how its done. “people should really be focusing on natural links generated by people genuinely wanting to share your content. Creating content worth sharing should be the focus”

    Do it for your people and it will happen. Making it all about them…the SEO will fall into place naturally.

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    Jasmin Jai

    Good questions and good answers. Just a little bit of studying and reading online you’ll find that there are many ways to acquire backlinks naturally. It is a process of course and isn’t something that can just come all at once in one night, week, month or sometimes year. Quality content is a good goal to have because people will share it and add it naturally to their website. If anyone wishes to guest blog for us or link exchange let us know…

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