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    Mrs. Murphy

    I was a cam girl on streammates through an I haven’t broadcasted in several years. Somehow, during the time I was doing it, a “whale” was caught using my id. Every week for the last 5 years I’ve received a small commission from the same user. I’ve never been able to figure out how to recreate this to increase these commissions in the affiliate marketing field. I don’t know how it happened as at that time I had someone working with me on a website, which is not longer in use. I’d like to find a simple way to get that going.

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    So basically you want to start in the adult affiliate marketing? Is that right? In order to gain new customers, you will need to have traffic, be it a Twitter or Instagram account, a blog, a porn tube site or anything which you can send visitors from. Of course I will recommend creating a site, because after all you fully control it and if you put in the time into it, you can make some good income over time. Did you maybe read any of my posts? They should give you some ideas about what it is all about and then if you have any specific questions, just add them here.

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    Mrs. Murphy

    I’ve read lots of your posts and read the procedures. They all seem quite extensive. I’m not a cam girl any more, but I still have the link. I simply don’t know what kind of content I’d use. At all.

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    Mrs. Murphy

    Regarding building content, how are relevant images obtained? Is there a source of free images similar to the ones that are available for building g rated sites?

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    Just tell me what kind of site you want to create and I will tell you where you can get content to build it up legally.

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    Hello, I read along and would like to get involved. I am also a camgirl, but I still broadcast actively and with good success. However, since I don’t want to camer into old age (I’m currently 36 years old) I would like to build up a second mainstay. I’ve been reading your blog enthusiastically since this morning. There is so much information, but also a lot of questions that arise.

    I hooked up to this post because it’s about legal content, which I find very important. The industry is difficult enough that I don’t have to create additional legal problems.

    My niche is definitely webcam, if only because I am active there myself. The question now is, would it be worthwhile for me to create my own porn site? Since I earn quite well as a camgirl, the financial aspect is not a problem. So I would invest in the plugins, the domains and the hosting. I would get the content from the other sites and upload it to my site, as described in your article. (how to start a porn site …)

    Now my question, how do I best promote cams with such a porn site? Should I use banners or forward traffic? Or should I open another cam page (via Roboscript) and forward the porn traffic to it? As I said, I like to invest. Money and time, but I want to make sure that it works. As a camgirl, I am used to working regularly and in a disciplined manner.

    Then the question about the imprint, what am I doing here? I don’t want to appear there by my name. You recommend taking the domain via namecheap with Whois protection, because it would then be suboptimal to write my data in the imprint.

    Then there is still the tip to get the traffic from the big TubeSites or to use the large range there because they have so many users every day. What content can I use here or where can I get it legally so that I can upload regular videos?

    As you can see, I did some research and read a lot, but there are still many questions unanswered. I thank you for the answers. Sincerely, Kristin

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    You have posted pretty much the same post on your topic here: so I will link it up and I have replied to you.

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