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    Mr Lolo

    I need some help. I want to start my first cam site and want to know if its better to start with something like ebony cam, big boobs cam or you think we can just go with general site containing all these categories.
    Thak you for your advice

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    It depends on your level of the experience and how deep your pocket is (budget). Basically, if you a new affiliate, I would suggest starting a narrow niche site, because there is less competition, so it is easier to rank without many backlinks and content. Nowadays it is really hard to rank for general keywords, because there are much more websites online and there are also giant companies that control lots of search rankings.

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    Mr Lolo

    Thank you very much. Im asking because i found 11 years old domain name with 20 moz DA. I found it, domain name is general livexxxcam. Not niched name but i baught it for domain value and seo enhancement it can give for starting. How can i do now with this general name for going into some niche ?
    Thank you for your help, noobs errors 🙂

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    You might add categories to it that will be your niches that you want to populate your sites with. It can be made with the cam embed scripts like the Robo one, but also with the blog and tubes but it would be better to have a name that centres around a specific topic and you can keep the general one and post backlinks on it.

    If you buy the domains, the only things that matter are that the name is good, preferably contains your aim keywords unless you need it brandable and it can help if it has some good backlinks, but the age does not matter much if there was no real site on it or it never ranked for anything.

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    Mr Lolo

    Thank you for tips boss. I will try to do it like you explain.
    For domain name its true, i bought it with 8.K Backlinks from
    300 differents domains name. Dont know if its really a good
    deal but i bought.

    Another thing, why your forum script didnt send email notification
    when someone reply to topic? You have to back yourself for checking
    news reply. I think notifications can give more life to forum and
    make our life easy 🙂

    Thanks again

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    No offense, but I do not like being called the boss but I think that you are being kind, so I appreciate that.

    You have to try things for yourself. If the backlinks are good, then it would way easier to get it ranked.

    I like the email notification feature, I thought about implementing about it earlier and I will try to add it, thank you.

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    Mr Lolo

    Ok no worries Mradult …. (hahha too long I just want to say boss 🙂 )
    Great, the notification will delight more than one here I think.

    Thanks again for all the advice, see you soon

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