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    Yesterday I have just heard about this affiliate network for the first time so they have to be new or small. CamsPerformance as the name suggests, they are focused on live cam offers and I don’t know sites they already partnered with. Also, I want to know if they are any better than Crak which has been doing something similar for ages or they are just merely a copy?

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    I joined them a while ago and I thought that they would have some better deals than others but it is quite disappointing. I do not see them offering anything unique, most of the offers are the same ones that CrakRevenue already had for years and their payouts are lower and honestly there is no reason to open an account there. I will revisit them at some time in the future and update this post when something changes.

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    They don’t offer anything unusual at all and Crak sure beats them with more and better offers. It would be fair to add that their tracking tools are quite good but that is about it.

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    I’m happy that I discovered this topic in time because I was going to sign up with their affiliate program and it looks like I’ve saved myself some time and money. It seems like the Crak is the smartest choice for cam and dating verticals.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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