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    Is there an affiliate program for the cam site named Camversity? They have a professional looking design, lots of models, some well known names, I have seen many girls promote them on Twitter and Instagram, it all looks promising. I want to promote them, is there a way to do this?

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    It is still a new project and webcam sites never launch affiliate programs right away. They are quite active in media buying or at least it is what I have noticed so far. However, they are still in the beta so they are testing things and they only have like twenty models online so I would hold on pushing this product.

    I advise you to work with trustworthy live sponsors that have been in the business for many years. Definitely consider signing up with CrakRevenue that has lots of premium offers and Chaturbate which is my best seller.

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    Hi, Mister Adult Affiliate!

    Since many webmasters complain that chaturbate models steal referred members by asking them to sign-up a new account under their referral link, how are your earnings nowadays, compared to when they were at its peak? Can you post the stats for the previous month?

    And regarding crak, do you use smart links, or choose manually the products you advertise?

    Would it be possible to let me take a peek at one of your porn tubes and at one of your robo sites? I know you did not have any problem showing them to someone else (who was talking trash about the offers you promote here), and I would like to take a look as well, if possible. It would be inspiring to see live a website of someone who is quite successful.

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    Honesty, I did not notice a huge drop in signups on Chaturbate and not all models are doing this. You also need to know that the Chaturbate has the first cookie wins policy, so if you send a user to the CB, he creates an account and after a few days opens another one, he still belongs to you.

    Every webcam sponsor does something that affiliates might not like and after all, what really counts the most is what program converts for you the best and brings you the most money.

    I use smart links, I love to add them to the tab menu but on my dating sites, I add them along with the banners because they convert way better than promoting the specific offer.

    I will show you a one Robo site but it is nothing special to be honest. I do not any magic nor I have any secret techniques.

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    Thank you, Mister Adult Affiliate!

    I see that there is not much traffic coming in, but if it is targetted, then I agree that it makes good money, because I have been doing it with one of my sites, and it receives only social traffic. But it is targetted and it has been doing really well for many years. Always quality over quantity!

    Another thing I noticed was that you do not make use of all the text that can be placed in a robo site, on the main page. If you look at mine, I wrote the crap out of it, everywhere that I could, and not only on the main page. Is it possible that your focus is more on the backlink building?

    I would have also liked to see a porn tube, so if you reconsider, I would gladly accept your e-mail.

    You talked about ‘dating sites’. I thought you were only into porn tubes and robo sites. You mean you really have a dating site, like tinder or similar?

    Thanks again!

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    I have to tell that backlinks still have lots of weight at least in the adult. You probably sometimes across adult sites that have duplicate content, not even unique titles, but they still rank well for some keywords and in most cases, they do because of the good links.

    I run a few dating blogs in which I review different products and they do not have many posts and do not get much traffic at all, but they bring some sales here and there. I just do not mention about them because I do not put much focus on them.

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    Thank you for the clarification!

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    Mr Adult Affiliate

    I have been a student of yours for almost a year now and I have learned a lot.
    Would it be possible for me to also take a peek at your most successful tube site?
    I am a visual learner and I would be grateful to see what my teacher’s masterpieces look like.

    Kind regards,

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    Hi Mr Adult Affiliate – first of all, thanks for the advice you gave me in another forum thread and I will certainly use the links you share when I sign up for one or two of the programs recommended. Would you mind sharing with me that “robo” cam site that you offered to show one of the participants here? Would love to see a live one that’s still up and running. Thanks!

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    Ok, I have sent both of you the one example of my Robo project but as I have said. This is a niche website so it does not get a lot of traffic but it ranks for some great keywords and makes some good money with not much work.

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