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    When you download a WordPress theme, let’s say it’s called BlackWidow, is it possible to simply change the zip file name from BlackWidow to something else like Black123 so when you unzip the file you end up hiding the real name of the theme for my adult website?

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    You can create a child theme and name it whatever you want.

    Then add this to the child theme style.css:

    Theme Name: ThemeName’s Theme
    Theme URI:
    Description: What ever you want
    Author: Your name here
    Author URI:

    More info here:

    And you can also use the editor to remove any information pointing to the original author or theme name.

    I highly recommend using a child theme if you plan to edit the functionality & looks of the original theme. Otherwise the next time you update the original theme you don’t risk your blog becoming a mess by loosing or altering your changes.

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    As it relates to what you want to do, just rename the folder after you unzip it. Then upload. Then activate. This should work unless the theme develop didn’t follow standards. For example, get_theme_root_url is a function that should be used, if the developer hard coded that instead of using a function then it could break the theme. It may be hit or miss depending on how sloppy the code is.

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    Yes, I’ve been considering using the child theme myself as it’s wise to have a copy or use your own css. On one hand it’s good to have themes that update themselves, but a bitch to loose those subtle css changes or whatever else may be altered as a result. I normally save a couple of the files before I upgrade a theme, then whatever may be lost I simply roll back over. Another important thing to be mindful of, make certain ALL your remoter images are in your local folders too. Back up your DB often and floss twice a day…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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