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    I attempted to log into Chaturbate today and got an error saying our affiliate account is Inactive.

    After searching through our email boxes for a reason and finding none, I reached out to support. As you all know, CB may respond tomorrow. In the meantime, check your stats!

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    So naturally the first thing I did was ran over to CB, and our account was fine. Then I looked back at this post, and I had not realized it was you posting. Some random account that maybe did not have any sales I could see an issue, but YOURS?! That is weird. Really weird. I hope they get it sorted soon.

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    How’s this for Chaturbate weirdness (nothing to do with the actual company): The Major and I have separate affiliate accounts, for our adult websites. So we each get separate checks at the same time at our separate addresses in different cities.

    I have Intelligent Delivery from the post office, where I can look online and see what mail has been scanned on its way to me. Everything that gets scanned shows up the next day. Well almost everything. The PO scanned my check last Sat…and it never came. Here’s the weird part, neither did the Major’s. So both our checks separately disappeared into the ether together, but after they had been scanned. They were so close!

    I’m definitely getting all my junk mail, though. In this, my actual mailbox is exactly like my email inbox.

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    Just an update, our account is back online at Chaturbate.

    Apparently they had a phishing attack and delisted many accounts as a result. Ours was one but after a little back and forth and proof of identity, we got our account back.

    Seriously, though, Chaturbate is on my last nerve. Why are they a target? The DMCA issue last fall resulted in our trigger-happy hosting company booting us with no notice and no recourse. A few months later, another phishing attack. We use weird passwords, too!

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    It is great to see that it has been solved. The staff at the CB, might not be the fastest to reply, but they do help their affiliates in situations like this one.

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