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    Hey guys, I’ve been signing up people for chaturbate since June and I finally just made my first commissions last week.

    The only ad placement I had was in the footer with the “cam listing” ad.

    I have now added a live cams link that links to my whitelabel

    What are other ways can I promote chaturbate and particular models?

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    You can use their banners, also if you can use PhotoShop a little, you could create a simple GIF, you should also advertise them in your posts or videos, a simple text link with a good call to action (like: “Click to watch more big titty cams”) is still golden.

    Also, just take a look at what your top competitors are doing and you will get lots of other ideas that you could implement yourself 🙂

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    Thanks Mr Adult Affiliate, do you offer private coaching?

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    I have not done this before since I am usually very busy but for the right price I could do this. Also, I need to know what you would expect from me.

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    Reduell Crowder

    Maybe we could just do like an hour couching call on ways and strategies I can use to improve what I already have in place.

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    Mr Adult Affiliate,

    Can you actually take screenshots of the models and use the pictures in your blog posts to promote their chaturbate bio page? Or would that be considered a violation of privacy or a breach of affiliate terms?

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    You might get notices from models and you will have to delete them if not the CB can ban your account for this. But there are sites like the that has been storing screenshots for years and they still promote them.

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