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    I have a question about the hand-written content for adult cam sites created with roboscripts: is it worth creating marvelous texts for the blog posts, by editing the ones auto-generated by the auto-poster? I can be very creative, making posts filled with metaphors, epithets, wonderful expressions, even poetry rhymes, but do the visitors really care? Do they actually read those posts? Is it really worth my time and effort, or should I just write cheap texts with the required keywords? Do we write for people or for search engines? That is the question.

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    From my experience, I can say that very few people read blog posts on webcam sites, but these can be a nice addon and they can improve your overall SEO. You can use the auto poster, it is a quite good tool but nothing beats a well written article. It is always better to write naturally (for people) than just stuff the article with keywords.

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    Thank you, Mr. Adult Affiliate! Your answer was helpful. My intention was not to just stuff keywords there. I was just confused, because there is a big difference between writing skillfully (just like a novel writer would do, using very nice expressions, which take time and effort to create), and a general, plain and dull writing. As I said, I can be very good at writing, but I did not know if it was worth my time and effort creating such great content, if no one reads. Thanks again!

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    I always see many sites run with this script on the Google whenever I look for some webcam keywords and very few of them have any blog posts so the website build with it should rank well either way. I think the Chimp Rewritter text spinner makes the difference and all other scripts and plugins do not have it build in and that is why they fail to do well on search engines in my opinion.

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