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    Arthur Matunding-Goode

    Hi Mr. Adult Affiliate I’m having trouble copying and pasting to my website because when I copy a video and pasted it to my website it redirect back to that adult website where I copied it from when you click on full screen I don’t know if it’s because I’m using tube ace api server’s can you help me fix that problem. I don’t have any videos uploaded because that issue I’m having are should I just upload videos to get my website going.

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    First of all I checked out your site and I think it is using the WP-Script theme. You maybe are using the Tube Ace Importer plugin, I am not sure about that, but I see you have a one video added on your site and it is a video from the PornHub and unfortunately it will always redirect you to the tube site you are embedding your videos from unless you use the KenPlayer Plugin from XWPThemes on your WordPress site.

    This plugin uses a custom video player, so you can embed videos from the PornHub and other porn tube sites and you will no longer get any ads or redirects from other sites.

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    Arthur Matunding-Goode

    Ok thank you so much I will pick up that plugin when I get paid.

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    My pleasure. You can check out this plugin at work at this site:

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    Arthur Matunding-Goode

    Ok thanks you I checked it out and it’s looks great. I was thinking about changing my domain name to what do you think or should I keep my domain name that I have now?

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    It depends on what kind of audience you are going to target. I mean, if you want to start a domain in the webcam niche, then it would be good to have the “cam” word aka keyword in your domain name.

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    Arthur Matunding-Goode

    Hi Mr. Adult I changed my website around I redirect my site to do you think that’s a great idea? Later I will change my domain name when I have funds.

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    It is hard to tell. If you have an amateur or cam traffic then it may generate some sales, but I do not really know. You should wait a bit and see for yourself if it brings you any profits.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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