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    Hi everyone, I’ve had a quick research in the forum and i see their has some questions raised on deep linking on adult websites.

    In certain situations I’d prefer to go to specific scene links rather then the general homepage.

    So my question is how do you do it and if so is it the same method across all affiliate’s who use the NATS system?

    Help would be usefull.

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    Before you jump into this whole hog, consider the following that I have experienced:

    – One major site moved from MPA3 to NATS nullifying all of the deep links I had in place

    – Three sites that belonged to one program were bought by another affiliate program and all of my deep links were nullified

    – One site moved from NATS to their own in-house system, their links seem to work, but other aspects of their in-house system were problematic, so who knows for sure.

    These are three examples that have been repeated dozens of times in the past few years. I have pretty much abandoned the use of deep links. Having one link in my jumpscript is easy to change. Yes, it doesn’t get the surfer to the exact scene, but I honestly never found deep linking was the sales boon I thought it would be. It may have just given the surfer an easy way to watch the preview and head off on their way.

    If you’re still wanting to use deep links, I have found it’s best to ask the sponsor how to do it as I have seen some differences over the years.

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    Thanks for that and will abandon that idea.

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    You may not want to abandon the idea completely, but doing it for every sponsor might not be a good approach either. Maybe try it with a handful of sponsors and see how it pans out. But definitely use a jumpscript so you can change link codes quickly and relatively easily.

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