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    Mr Adult Affiliate,

    I want to open an adult tube site and I would like to embed videos from other websites without any affiliate program. In this case, would the competitors from which I embed videos, have the obligation to cover the legal aspects and therefore be the ones to deal with 2257 laws? And do I risk getting reported for DMCA or does that only happen in the case I put my trademark on the videos?

    Moreover, I wanted to know how do you deal with the payment process. Do banks accept payments from adult websites? And what type of payment processor would you suggest as often the tariffs are much less desirable when it comes to high risk businesses?

    In addition, would you advise to hire a lawyer to deal with website documentation or do you think that I can handle it myself by looking at other adult tube sites?

    Finally, I would like to know whether I am better off by opening a business entity for the site? If the answer is yes, which type of business would you recommend? And is there a particular country where it is more advisable to locate my business entity or my server?

    Thank you very much for your help. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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    Even if you do not host the content on your servers, you can still get DMCA notices. Make sure to check out this topic:

    What type of disclaimers to put on adult tube sites?

    I am not quite sure what for do you need a payment processor if you only want to run a tube site? Do you want to sell something on it? Why not promote some cam sites or niche sites related to yours? It is way more affordable (in fact it is free to do) and you do not have to deal to do much paperwork.

    If you are going to run a legal tube, not the one that posts full length movies, unless they are amateur ones already uploaded by other people on XVideos and other sites, then you can just use the regular one.

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    Mr Adult Affiliate,

    I checked out the link you provided. From what I found, it says that I just have to add a DMCA page with my contacts and I will avoid DMCA reports, is that correct? Furthermore, if I embed videos and therefore the content is produced by another website, I am still not sure on whether I will be held responsible for 2257 laws?

    In addition, have you ever faced fines from DMCA reports or for not respecting 2257 laws? Do they first inform you about the report and let you remove the post or do they immediately force you to pay a fine or face a judge?

    In the case I want to add subscriptions for users will I need a payment processor? And when I promote other sites will banks accept payments from adult websites? How do you personally deal with the payments on your website?

    Finally, I know I am probably wasting your time, but it would be very helpful if you could also reply to the questions in the previous post on the business entity.

    Thank you once again for your help.

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    If you add the pages I have mentioned you should be fine with the 2257 laws but with the DMCA, you might still get notices to your mail address, but if you comply and remove them, you will be just fine and you can counter them if they are valid.

    I do not do process any payments on my sites, I promote adult affiliate programs and I prefer it to be this way, because I do not want to deal with a lot of paperwork, laws and et cetera.

    I would suggest you to do the same, if you are just starting out in the adult, unless you shoot or have your own content that you can sell, but otherwise build your own tube site or a blog, whatever you want to, try to get some traffic, learn some SEO and once you get some money and become better at it, you might open a paysite that is much more difficult to manage.

    You do not need to set up a business entity just yet, once you pull off three or four figures, you might start thinking about it. Also, it depends where you are located, I am in the Europe so I am not so sure about other parts of the world but I am might give you hints where to look for the information.

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    Dear Mr Adult Affiliate,

    I am located in Italy, and it would be great if you could give me some hints on where to look for information, or if you had any additional advice on dealing with adult tube sites.

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    You need to look up for this for yourself, just do some Google searching. You might try to check out Italian speaking forums about making money online and you might find something there or even ask questions there.

    What additional information do you need? Just do not get overwhelmed or over fearful, you are not going to get into serious problems unless you really cross the line like posting ch1ld porn or other obvious stuff that is illegal.

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