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    Just wondering: do your adult sites offer erotic stories? We used to sell a bundle of stories (still can do) to loads of sites, but that demand dropped off about five years ago. I’d come across them when reviewing certain sites, and saw some again the other day, but I hardly see any new sites with erotica included.

    Is that a ‘thing’ now? Everyone’s only into videos and not words?
    Does it make a difference having stories or not? I mean, does a members’ only story section go down well with members?

    I don’t have a membership site so I don’t know and would be interested in your thoughts.

    Is they concept of members’ only erotic stories dead?

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    My forum site has an active fiction section. People like writing and reading the stories. But no one is buying/selling.

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    I still write fiction for a few clients, but nothing like I used to.
    They’re missing a trick when it comes to promotion of a site (rather than offering fiction to existing members).

    Sharing a photo and a snippet of the text on social media can bring in a big number of new visitors, and if you’re encouraging them to join a newsletter when they arrive, rather than just trying to sell them a membership, you can grow a good list of leads and keep them coming back.

    We write fiction for a couple of our own blogs and in our experience it’s a hell of a lot easier to get newsletter sign-up from it. As long as you keep delivering that content in future mail you can keep them interested and sell other relevant content.

    So, I would say if you’re doing it to get attention and visits through marketing it’s a valuable tool (for affiliate bloggers etc), but as a part of something you’re selling (a pay site, for example) I’m not sure it has the same impact.

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    I wrote and posted some erotic fiction on one of my adult blogs to see if it would help SEO. The stories also included some photos. I thought with all the rich gay content keywords, plus the length and overall value, Google would notice it. Nope, didn’t seem to have any effect.

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    I dont think anyone buys stories any more, also problem with that is duplication on other sites so it’s value for SEO is minimal. But yes, people certainly still read and enjoy them.

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    I agree with using snippets of stories in your blog posts. I’ve used this style in the past for my women’s straight and lesbian blogs. I found that they do indeed help SEO, and signups were noticeably higher following that style of post. For The Girls especially offers nice story snippets for their affiliates along with a photo/drawing if available. Within the site it’s considered a Women’s Magazine section with hundreds of exclusive stories for the members.

    I don’t see why a male magazine section of erotica couldn’t do as well for both marketing and additional site content for current membership.

    Another idea for members is a forum or blog where they can submit their own stories.

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    For one of our blogs the fiction gets the most organic traffic. For the other, we can post ten new fiction posts a week and little changes.
    But, on the second blog we’re promoting it through social media and we pay no attention to Google.

    In my view, you can get lucky with fiction and guys still want to read it, you just need to find the audience for it. It shouldn’t be used with the hope that it’s going to bring in organic traffic, it should be used to improve time on site, increase engagement, encourage sharing, and to promote other content in-post.

    Use your fiction to promote on social media, use it to get visitors coming back for more (Part 1, Part 2 coming next week etc).

    I know I’ve said it a lot, but affiliate bloggers really need to get back to making their site a destination that guys would bookmark and come back to. Every day we should be writing with the single goal of “how can I get this visitor to remember me and come back tomorrow?”

    The sales will take care of themselves if you focus on this singular goal. This is just my opinion, but this is what’s working for us.

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    I’m not sure what you mean when you say you’ve used story snippets in your posts.
    Is this to promote other content or do you mean adding an element of fiction to the affiliate post so it’s not just a description of a sex scene?

    We do the latter in a lot of ours. We try to make it all a little more personal and real and less about the scene. So, while some might just describe the scene being promoted, we’re more likely to use the subject of the scene as a platform to add fiction… “When I saw this video the girl reminded me of someone I used to fool around with…”, that kind of thing.

    I agree it does work, but this is something I’ve long believed about affiliate blogging; we should be making it more personable wherever possible and less about the hard sell.

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    I’m referring to using actual text from a story. Grabbing parts of it that are erotic, use a photo or drawing that goes with the story line… and leave off just where your reader goes, OH SHIT, I gotta see, hear, read… what happens next!

    Another item that did rather well on the Erotica for Women’s blog was Audio Erotica. There was one guy selling it that had an affiliate program, and I did OK with it. He’d of done a lot better if he’d been producing new stories on a regular basis. He had like 6, maybe 8, and when you’d purchased those, there wasn’t anything else to promote to an already buying client.

    Then he stopped making them, and took down his site (without notice). Later, he did try to get me to try his stuff again, but his site got weird and the name of the program was just off key. I can’t recall specifics, but I knew if it didn’t get a positive response from me, it sure wasn’t going to get one from my readers either.

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