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    Does anyone on here try to promote adult cams or dating using the e-whoring method? I have been an affiliate since 2010 and I have heard about it many times but I have never tried it and I am not sure if it is even allowed by programs anymore or if it is even worth the time.

    To those that are not familiar with that term, e-whoring is pretending to be a live model (for example) and telling horny dudes that they can interact with you more, exchange nudes, have a cam sex, et cetera on the XYZ website which of course you are an affiliated with.

    I have seen guys claiming that they have coded software to automate the whole process so it makes me think that there can be good money to be made by e-whoring method. I am looking for some feedback and whether there are some trusted adult affiliate programs that will accept such traffic.

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    I have been making some nice numbers with the ewhoring method but that was a few years ago and today is a different world and it is not easy to make it work for you unless you are happy with the 300 dollars income. Bots are being blocked and ignored by most of the people because they got better at spotting such scams and they got tired of it.

    If you do this manually, it is very time consuming and it pays very little, so the only way to make some money is to automate it.

    After all, there are more profitable (and ethical) ways to make money with affiliate programs, like the ones mentioned on this blog. Maybe start a cam website, if you are creative you can bank very well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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