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    I have found mixed reviews about that Econfirmopro cam site plugin all over different sites but no particular reasons are given. I have seen MrAdultAffiliate recommend them on here but he is not doing that any longer, so there has to be something.

    They keep raising the price for some reason every month and the main issue with them I have seen being mentioned is a poor support or the lack of it.

    So can someone that used it chime in and give some feedback.

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    I can not say much except that I have just used a free trial months ago but it crashed my existing blog posts and other content on my adult webcam site so I ditched it right away and that is my experience with this plugin.

    I ended up running a basic WordPress blog and I started promoting affiliate programs recommended here and I am glad so far with the results.

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    i was about to order a one license but i ended up a small research on the search engines and i found this topic. thanks for the reviews guys, i will hold on the purchase and wait for other reviews.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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