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    Hey folks! I’ve been thinking about diving in and starting my own niche tube site soon and I have one nagging question. I know I’m going to start out by embedding videos from other tube sites that feature my niche. But I can also easily make my own original niche content as well. Is it possible that I can do both? and should I do both?

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    Of course, you can do both, but keep in mind that embedding content is completely free but creating your own content might require investments since you have to hire models, edit the videos, it is also time consuming.

    There are some webmasters that have their own membership sites and their own tubes where they promote their own content and try to get people to sign up for their pay websites.

    I would say, start with just embedding videos, if you can find enough quality content to share then keep populating your tube with them for a few months and see if you have any results and then maybe consider producing your own content, but technically you can do both, as I said.

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    I’ve been reading every single one of your posts and I’m going to follow your advice and tips as best I can. One thing you talk about quite a bit in your posts is having unique and quality content. But I have to admit I’m a tad confused on one thing: if I’m embedding videos from other tube sites, how does it count as unique if it’s the same video? Does the search engine not care at all if it’s the same video as long as the text for the title and description are different?

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    If you pull the videos from tubes and you change the title and even more use a plugin like the KenPlayer which uses its own player then search engines will not be able to tell that you are embedding anything.

    Based on my experience and researches, you can rank such a website just like any other.

    Also, if you were hosting videos on your servers, you would very quickly eat up your resources, especially once you start getting more visitors and you will need a dedicated server so it means spending a couple hundreds of dollars a month.

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    I’m also wondering if these scripts and plugins you mention can be configured to make mainstream non-adult tube sites also. Is it possible?

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    Which ones? The themes from XWPThemes should work with any video site so you can embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo without any problem. I am not sure if the KenPlayer is still supporting YouTube, but it used to in the past.

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    never get a tube site with embedded videos from other tube sites, it’s a great chance you’ll be labeled as Cloaking in Google …. I’m doing my tube sites like this: register my tube site to Tube Sites Submitter and you will be getting quality content … and you get also lots of upload members this also increase the financial value of your tube site.

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