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    Hello everyone, exoclick closed my account without any explanation by also blocking the money that was sleeping in my account. I find myself without income overnight.
    I’m looking for ideas to monetize my site again. I have tried other cpm network but it does not bring a nail.
    The niche: big boobs
    Traffic: 1 million visitors / month
    T1 traffic: 100k / month
    Devices: 90% mobile
    I am giving you this data so that you can suggest other methods of monetization that could correspond to my audience.

    Thank you in advance, your ideas are welcome

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    I have never worked with them but I heard similar stories about them many times before. You can send them an email asking them for the reason for the account closure and chances are that they will just have to review it manually and they will reopen it.

    Did you maybe try promoting cams on this website? There are lots of big boobs models that are doing live shows and they might convert great for you, but keep in mind that it will take some time before you make some good money because most of the users do not spend right away.

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    Thank you MrAdultAFf for you reply and suggestions. I written to exoclick support but im not sure they will reply. Their ban message was pretty clear. They say they cannot say why they closed the account for security reasons. What I find odd is that when I search the net, I find exactly the message they sent to many other people they have banned. In short, I replied to learn more but I no longer count on them.

    I’m going to try the big boobs cam affiliation to see how it works. To tell the truth, I had already replaced some empty exoclick spots with chaturbate banners. I will see what it will produce in the medium term.
    thanks again

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    I think you should definitely write about this on all other forums. When the bad reviews about them become popular, this will hurt their business and they will learn to respect their webmasters.

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    Thank you Balaboit,
    How are you? I hope all is running well by your side.
    Thank you for suggestion, im trying others solutions

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    never happened with me i am working from them from 2011
    you can contact them and they reply your email in under 12 hours
    they will definitely help you and will sort your problem

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    I am good, thank you very much! What about you?
    I have recently opened a porn tube, and now working on it, but it takes so much time, because I am doing everything that needs to be done, not just a title and that is it. It is tedious work, because I a, not working just on movies, but also on tags description, actors page, every actor has a unique photo with unique texts, I have to photoshop most photos to make them look better and to fit in the thumbnail box. If they re not the right size, they get stretched, so I have to paint the boarders in photoshop, and this takes a lot of time. It is so much to be done, and I am starting to regret doing this tube, because I do not have time for anything else, and I am not sure I will make any money with it, in the end, but I do work like a machine on it. I think almost no one in the world is doing this work that I am doing, ad it may just be not rewarding at all.

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