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    Hello guys:

    There is one sale at the site coming from the one affiliate.
    Looking up the link found a non existence adult site.
    Wonder this: I sign up as affiliate on any program, with an affiliate that does not generate traffic, just to buy memberships and then get the % as affiliate back? Meaning that I can get porn for half the price?

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    They can but a lot of affiliate programs will check new sales vs affiliate fingerprints, so for instance IP, Locations ect… Its generally seen as bad practice for affiliates to make purchases through their own affiliate links, and is against T&Cs

    We have had an influx recently of fake affiliate sign-ups, actually we had a few recently make a LOT of yearly sales at a 1:10 ratio, we received a payout request and within 2 days all had charged back, so we assume someone setting up an affiliate account to use fake credit cards to make money. Lucky our fraud systems marked the affiliate as a red flag prior to payment, but yes fake affiliates are a problem, but not for the reason you mention above really.

    Also its worth noting that each program has a minimum payout of $100 ish so person would need to stay a member long term or create many accounts, either way this isn’t the biggest risk factor with affiliates as its generally traceable.

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    That would be me. I have had a number of sites over the years and haven’t always been good about changing website information in affiliate accounts.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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