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    SO I launched my adult webcam site ukglamcam.com after 1.5 years of building it and use several adult ad networks to advertise, during December i spent around 3-4k and have had about 6/7 unique paying guests… when i watch my analytics they do not even move past the front page which is an acceptance of the fact it is adult and over18 material, so this tells me this is bot traffic and its at least 75% of it!!
    What can i do?
    My adverts clearly state its an adult webcam site and accepts paypal as a selling feature so if it were genuine people clicking then they know its a paid adult webcam site so i couldn’t see how they’d not click into the site and at least check it out.
    SO frustrating as my models are losing motivation to sit on my site without being paid for it and without them no clients will convert to paying customers.

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    Your website does not work properly. I just waited 5 mins after I click on enter and nothing happens.

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    It is not just you have this experience. All ad companies have lots of bot traffic and it is because lots of publishers want to cheat the system and you can issue the refund if you have the proof that they have been sending you that kind of visitors.

    There are many adult affiliates that are doing media buying successfully but it is quite hard and it takes time to work it out and I do not really do this and it is not my thing either, so I do not really touch it nowadays.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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