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    guys πŸ™‚

    A few months ago decided to start adult tube site and earn money as adult affiliate, read a few weeks from different sources, bought host (hostupon) & domain (, Adult Video Script (AVS), made a registration in Crakrevenue and started πŸ™‚

    Maybe it was a mistake to make a general tube site, but not a niche site. I think to make a subdomains for 10 niches maybe (lesbians, milf, teens, ebony, etc, etc) but is this a good decision or to buy new 2-3 domains and start my niche sites with WP and Rosa Tube Theme for example?

    I have a few other questions:

    1. It is good to buy traffic or no?
    2. From where to mass embed video – xhamster, pornrabbit, youporn, xvideos etc.
    3. Does it make sense to make mass embed;
    4. My affiliate is from Crakrevenue (0 $ profit for now) – Slutroulette and Punishtube mainly. Can you recommended me other affiliate or mine is good?
    5. How much money is ok to invest to start a make good profit?
    6. Opinion about the site, because i don’t have any coding skills πŸ™ and for this use this platform and because AVS is SEO optimized
    7. Any advices you can give me.

    Thanks in advance for all the replies. Cheers!

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    Welcome to the forum Alex.

    If you are starting your journey in the adult industry, I recommend you to create a one niche website and focus only on the one site and once you make enough money and get enough traffic, you could create more sites.

    I honestly think that creating a general tube site when you do not have a really big budget is a big mistake and so many new affiliates make that mistake. Just ask yourself if you have any chance to outrank big tube sites such as pornhub or youporn. These sites have millions of videos and thousands of backlinks, no way you can compete with them with a small site. That is why you should make a site in your favorite niche. Do you like milf girls with big breasts? Go and create that niche site.

    It is easy to buy traffic but it is not so easy to convert that traffic. You can test different ad companies but you need to have some bigger budget. I would rather advise you to create a useful and unique content and generate your traffic from the search engines. Organic traffic always will convert better.

    You should not mass embed videos without adding any value. If you embed videos, then make sure you changed the title, the picture title and add some description. You can use xvideos, pornhub or xhamster if you want to embed videos.

    I am promoting some CrakRevenue’s offers and I think that it is a solid sponsor. I tested many affiliate programs and I have listed my favorite sponsors. You can click on the “Recommends” tab page for the list. Here is that page:

    Start Here

    Nowadays, you do not need much money to generate a good income. You only need a hosting and a domain, you can get some content from sponsors for free and a great theme for free as well.

    You really do not need a super expensive theme/script. You can grab a fast and responsive free WordPress theme, I see some porn blogs ranking high in the search engines that have a very simple and lightweight themes.

    I recommend you to check out my posts and especially these two:

    My Best Tips For Adult Affiliate Marketing Beginners

    Top Reasons Why Most Adult Affiliates Will NOT Succeed

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    The easiest way to start making money as an adult affiliate right now is with a blog. And the best thing you can do is sit down and think about what kinds of guys you like and what turns you on. Grab a piece of paper and start making notes. The best sites are ones where the owner is passionate about the content. There’s no point in putting up a site about gay porn just because someone said they sell like crazy.

    Take a tour of some other niche porn blogs (Best Male Blogs is a good place to start) and start making notes about the kinds of women or guys and sex you liked seeing, mix it up with what you already know turns you on, and your area of concentration should start emerging.

    The internet is crowded with lots of the same old thing, so to be successful you’ll need to come up with something different and innovative to separate you from the herd. If you’re just going to do what everyone else is doing, you’ll struggle to make much of your site. We don’t need another cut-and-paste blog about straight guys having their first gay sex, not unless you’re going to give it a completely different treatment.

    So, to recap. Before you do anything else like buying a domain or setting up WordPress is: make a list of the types of guys and sex that turn you on and visit 30 to 50 blogs and make notes about what else you’re seeing. And while visiting these blogs, keep looking at what you don’t like about them and pay attention to the ways you think you could do it better.

    There are many very great posts on this site, so go to and read these posts and also check out the archive page. Some of the posts are really helpful and I always learn something new from them.

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    Hello guys,
    sorry about the late reply but have some personal problems πŸ™
    First of all want to thanks to Mr Adult Affiliate and Mattdawg!
    Second -I already read all the articles for beginners here and in the other similiar pages that I found.
    So the main question is how to make my existing site profitable.
    It is no problem to start a blog but English is not native (i’m from Bulgaria) and i can’t write very good articles in English (maybe with translator but it will be complicated)

    Mattdawg: i check best male blogs but they are only for gay people πŸ™

    Mr Adult Affiliate: please recommend me some good sponsors from where to get some content for free.

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    Welcome again Alex.

    Your site does not look bad, but you have to make sure your post are unique. If you embed videos from other sites then check the title, add some short description (can be ten words or more). You will not get far without a fresh and unique content, you have to do something that makes a difference.

    Here are some thing I will encourage you to do:

    Change the titles of your videos and add some text description. I know you are not an English native speaker but there are many people that are in the same situation and operate successful adult sites. It is not a big problem, just check the other tubes that add some descriptions and try to learn from them how to write a short and good descriptions.

    Add some short blog posts around your main niche topic. If you have an amateur niche site then blog about how you enjoy homemade porn movies et cetera.

    You need to think outside of the box.

    The internet is crowded with lots of the same old thing, so to be successful you’ll need to come up with something different and innovative to separate you from the herd. If you’re just going to do what everyone else is doing, you’ll struggle to make much of your site. We don’t need another cut-and-paste blog about straight guys having their first gay sex, not unless you’re going to give it a completely different treatment.

    This is a golden advice.

    By the way, if you have written these posts yourself then your English is not that bad. You have to believe in yourself and be optimistic.

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    Thanks man πŸ™‚
    I’m sure will not have problems with the descriptions and stuff like that – I’m afraid from more complicated posts if I make only blog without videos.
    Do you know some bot or script or something else to do descriptions and rename of the embed videos because it is very slow when I do it manually πŸ™

    Please give me some sponsor from where to get some new free content because you are comple right

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    you are completely right that internet is overcrowded with same old stuff! Sorry about two posts but my phone fucked with me πŸ˜€

    have a nice day!

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    As far as I know adult affiliate sites such as Dogfart, Sextronix provide promotional content. Of course there are more of them but I do not promote paysites too much these days, so you would have to check out gfy for more suggestions.

    I would not recommend you to use a bot or any article spinning or text rewriting tools. It is not good for SEO to use such softwares, you need to create them manually and yes it takes more time but no one said it was going to be easy to rank a site. You should try with the simple descriptions like: “Hot blonde pornstar sucks a guy and then fucks with him”.

    In the beginning, it is hard to write a several posts but after some time you will write a description in a minute.

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    Ok, MrAdultAffiliate,
    thanks for everything πŸ™‚ I hope I will make it and the adult niche is not saturated.

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    You are welcome, Alex.

    I wish you good luck with your adult websites.

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