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    It is surprising to me that there is no topic about this. Basically, I am trying to get into the porn industry and I want to start a simple adult blog but I rather start it on some free blogging site than paying money every month since I don’t have necessary funds for that.

    I am sure that I will eventually upgrade to a self hosted hosting but for now I need to find something that doesn’t anything to maintain, without any bullshit.

    So is there such a service you can guys recommend for a newbie like me? Preferably, it would let you use WordPress as a CMS and I don’t need many resources since I will post some pictures along with some affiliate links and add some text into my posts and maybe embed some videos.

    I did a quick research myself and I thought about Tumblr but I have just read that they don’t allow anything that has to do with adult content even nudity, so it is a big no no.

    Blogger allows you to do adult blogging but you have to put a warning and you can’t make money off of them so it’s kinda pointless to go with this one.

    Do you have any experience with such services and preferably can share some solid alternatives to Blogger that are 100% porn friendly and won’t delete you over something trivial.

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    It is a good question without a doubt. The three biggest mainstream blogging services (I am talking about Tumblr, Blogger and are out of since they do not want to have host any adult materials anymore and they will become only less and less friendly towards pornography.

    I would suggest you to search for services that were made to only host adult blogs. I know only a handful of them are some of them are: and but I would not bother with them since they can get sold, delete your data or just cease to exist one day like just recently RatedXblogs did.

    They will also put their ads in your posts, because they are the business too so they are here for the money.

    If you really can not afford like 3 bucks a month for the most basic plan, then you should make some money as soon as you have some funds, you should move our your adult blog to a paid hosting.

    You could get a fully managed service for as little as $2.95 at the TMDHosting which I use myself for my adult blogs and tubes. They give you a full control over and they do not plaster your pages with pesky pop ups or backlinks such or delete your content.

    I am not completely against such free services, it can be the only way to get started for people like you that really do not have a few bucks to spend but if you think long term about your project, then the paid hosting is the only way to go if you are serious. I do not know any successful adult blog that is run on a free site.

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    I used a free host before for my adult blogs and they got deleted by Blogger without a beforehand notice. I can give you a one kindly advice, stay away from them because every day you risk losing all the work you have put into it and you don’t want to happen unless you don’t care and you do it solely for a hobby or a test.

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    Free will always cost you more in the long run.
    I have been running adult blogs for a living for three years and I have run some of them on the free hosts but it’s not worth it. It will actually cost you more anyway. People in general are computer savvy and they can sense that you aren’t serious since they can see you running on the subdomain like and they won’t take you seriously for sure. You should at least invest in your hosting which is super cheap these days and you can get something for just two dollars or so.

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    The reality is that there is no free blogging hosting that will work well for the adult.

    The main ones like Blogger or might let you add posts but you can’t make any money meaning you can’t even post any links, not to mention banners and other promotions.

    Hostedtube or Xlogs both are geared toward adult content but I wasn’t able to rank blogs on there even though I added new and unique posts but I guess that search engines don’t like them and consider them spammers because free blogging services are most of the time used for illicit purposes.

    NibbleBit might be good on the surface but they seem to only accept gay blogs and they will show automatically show advertisements and you can’t get rid of them so why you should use them in the first place? Well, you might do that only if you do it for a hobby and don’t want to turn it into profit.

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    It is funny. Just last week I was looking for new free blogging service for my adult projects after Tumblr has banned all of my blogs and removed my account so I can’t even save my posts and import them to another platform which really sucks considering how much time I have spent build them. Still I don’t do it as a job, but I made two grands in a year.

    I might try NibbleBit but if it’s not any good, I think I will have to start self hosted blogs as it seems the most secure way.

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    there have been many more adult blogging hosts in the past but many are gone and i have created a lot of blogs on them when i was starting out in the porn but luckily they weren’t worth much or generating any worthwhile money so i wouldn’t ever lose a sleep over them but it’s still very worrying to use such service that can disappear and take your blogs with them like in my case that I just presented.

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    It’s super frustrating to use these free hostings only to lose the hard work. I have used three different ones in the last four years and they all are inactive now.

    I had around 120 free blogs on FreeXBlogs and they just stopped offering their service one day because they decided to sell it and they didn’t care to give their users a notice so you can’t save your data, let alone move it elsewhere.

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