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    pov perfection

    hey guys just started building adult site about 3 weeks ago finally figured out the most of what need to know and think I have a pretty solid site. Ive used twitter to promote and got about 4 or 5 followers last week from them but just isn’t enough. Also finally got site registered with google and google search console and got another 30 views today. so not doing horrible but need to get 1000 a week im estimating if not more to begin to monetize site. Think I might just have to spend hours rewriting posts and hopefully get better seo but you tell me. also any other tips would be greatly appreciated please.

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    First of all, edit your titles to make them unique, because I checked out some of them and they are duplicates that you will find on hundreds if not thousands of porn sites.

    Did you think about getting the KenPlayer plugin? It will improve many things, through just deleting pop ups from the player, it will lower your bounce rate and increase page views and it should get your SEO rankings up.

    I can see you are promoting cams, that is great, but also make sure to sign up with Chaturbate and push them a bit as well because they might convert better than others do.

    Also, do not bother with the Tumblr, because they are now officially banning anything adult related and it would be a waste of time to promote your site there to just get removed.

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    pov perfection

    yea I used kenplayer for awhile but all of a sudden for two weeks it wouldn’t play content at all from most if not all of my embed sites and I know I need to rewrite content just work a lot mainly really need to actually sit down and rewrite posts tried to fill up site with atleast 500 or so then was gonna spend few days rewriting it just get writers block sometimes and trying to make yoast say its a good post is pain in the ass lol
    also I am starting a webcam site with roboscripts in hope to further my network but having lots of issues with figuring it out. and last but not least had a chaturbate html ad on top right but just said chaturbate very dull so replaced it with aweempire logo and had chaturbate white label I used as my cam section but replaced it with aweempire cause looked nicer
    do you think chaturbate would be better than livejasmin to promote?

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    pov perfection

    You mean edit my category titles or video titles and give me an example of something just was trying to stick with the whole POV niche for its something I like a lot and feel is lacking as a whole with adult industry was thinking of starting a shemale and ebony site also for think they would do well

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    pov perfection

    and I used kenplayer plug in but either that or the embedder did not work I can try again and can I use it with wp-scripts themes and embedder by chance

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    It will work with any WordPress theme you choose, at least it should.

    As for the cam sponsors, you should test a few of them, each for a few months and then choose the one that brings you more revenue. In my experience, the CB has been the number one money making affiliate program for years now.

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    Pov perfection

    I’m using clean player pro figured out issue it only work for xvideos and pornhub network site most videos were xhamster neither one kenplayer or cleantube works for them so trashed everything and started fresh

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    Same thing here, please guys help the newbies, but oldies… Doing this since 1999 and never make good money, seo and getting quality traffic was always pain in my ass. This is my final push, if I don’t make it this time I gangbang my pc … lol … Lets share our problems, lets share tips and our experience. For everyone else, every answer is appreciate it … bump it up

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