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    Now, I do have a couple tube websites, but I want to open two new adult blogs in some small niches. I am have seen many themes in the WordPress’ directory but I am not sure which one is optimized for SEO.

    I have done some searching yesterday, there are plenty of good looking ones, but I can not tell if they are built for good rankings or not.

    I would prefer something for free, since I have a very tight budget, since I am quite new to this but I can spend like $40 bucks on a template that is really solid.

    I need something with a sidebar so I can add some affiliate ads there and it is going to be an adult blog that will have some pictures, text and videos that I will embed so if someone could suggest something that would work.

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    You have touched a very interesting topic that often gets misunderstood by many affiliates.

    First of all, you can choose any WordPress and use it for your adult blog and you can embed videos, post any content you like as long as it is legal of course.

    You better avoid these super fancy themes with hundreds of features, because they are slow as hell and if you use them, you will find it hard to rank your blog on Google.

    You should look for clean and fast loading themes instead. Your visitors are more interested in the content than anything else so you do not need these features.

    I will give you a few best rated themes that I like and I would recommend using them for your blog:


    Optimistic Blog Lite



    Twenty Fifteen

    Twenty Seventeen

    If you can spend around fifty bucks then go get something from MyThemeShop. They have some really great products that are optimized for Google and they send regular updates and give you a great support.

    Their best themes are Schema and SociallyViral. Both are lightning fast and very well coded so they can give you a big advantage in rankings. The Schema one scores a 100/100 on Pingdom and Google’s PageSpeed.

    I am interested in what others have to say about this topic.

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    If you are building just a simple adult blog then you should be fine with a normal theme. I use some of these that MRA suggested and I am especially a fan of the one named “Author” here is the link to it:

    It looks to do well SEO wise, since it is fully responsive and fast and I put my ads in the sidebar and it works for me so far.

    I also use Fukasawa ( for more blogs that contain lots of pictures. It has a grid layout that showcases images really well but it can be used for regular posts as well.

    I do not really like complex themes because they make visitors feel distracted by different things that are going on the website, instead it is better to choose something simpler, so they can just focus attention on the content, the only thing they are looking for.

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    I’m happy that I found this topic a while ago. Now, after the suggestions, I am using the default theme Twenty Nineteen and it’s simple but the load times are great and I’m already seeing some results using it on my few months old adult blogs. It’s perfect if you’re just starting out and you have limited funds.

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    There’re already lots of good themes that are available for free and you just need a logo to go along with it (I don’t get one right away, I do this when my site is doing well). The selection is really large so you’ll find something that you like but you have to make sure that the theme that you are going to use has been updated in the last twelve months for security reasons and also you don’t want to use outdated stuff either.

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    I know the code and can edit themes, I recommend playing with the Twenty Twenty which I love using for my porn blogs these days.

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