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    Timur Attila

    hi! ihope you can help me coz i dont know what i will do in that sutiaton . We have a user contributed project that build with SPA (React). Users can upload images or short videos (Like gfycat)

    At first, we had thousands of pages indexed by google. There was no problem. But one day, a message came to our google search console page. There is a compliant about a popup ads.

    Google wanted to remove that ads from our page. We removed that ads and inform google about it. After that message our all indexes are deleted from google. And none of our pages are indexed again.

    Weird thing is, we dont seeing any message about it at our search console page. And the weirder thing is, according to search console, we having users from google search results. But when we checking our site at google with “site:…” we only see 3 or 6 search results. We checked nearly all country spesific googles, we checked any other regions or any countries. But results are same

    in conclusion;

    we dont have any ban in appearance
    we checked with www or without www, same result
    There is no message or warning at search console
    according to search console, we still taking traffic from google searchs
    When we check words that we took traffic, we can see our site from search results, but when we check globally, we dont see any result

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    Timur Attila

    i wrote my website name , you can check it if you have any tools about it thank you !

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    Maybe wait a bit more because it is possible that Google did not revise your consideration, it can take up to a few weeks.

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    Timur Attila

    it’s been like this for six months :/

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