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    Mradultaffiliate if its possible I would really like to have a conversation with you in private.

    I have alot of converting cam traffic at the moment and I’m unsure about how long I’ll have it. It’s been converting on a cb whitelabel but would be WAY more beneficial on a site that can rank.

    I have part of the Robo website setup but cannot figure out what I did wrong. I REALLY need help getting this setup as soon as possible before losing the amount of traffic I currently have.

    If it’s possible for you to help finish it or set it up the rest of the way for me I dont mind paying.

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    I have checked out the website that you have added along with this topic and I can see that it has not been set up correctly.

    Did you try contacting the Robo support? You can create a support ticket there and it can take a day or more to get a reply, but they do help with such stuff.

    If you still do not get any help, I might take a look at it, but I do not promise anything.

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    Yeah I followed the video guide step by step and I cant figure out what I missed. I have affiliate codes for 4 different cam sites. I have gotten 3k sign ups on my chaturbate white label in the last 3 months with the same source of traffic I’d like to send to my roboscripts site. Its gotta be something small I missed because every setting I check on the wordpress roboscripts plugin seems to be filled out correctly.

    I have written roboscripts support a few days ago but have not recieved an answer as of yet.

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    Ok, I will try to contact them on the Skype for you and I will send them a link to this topic.

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    I also have old tickets which have not been resolved. I hope Nick is still offering support.

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    It looks like he is extremely busy since he messaged me a few days ago that he is about to release a new version of his cam scripts with a new theme made by a designer and coming with six custom plugins.

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    The update sounds nice. Do you happen to know when that would be released?

    I’ll keep promoting the white label for now until I can get the Robo site setup right.

    Could you tell me what has converted better for you between CS, Myfreecams, & livejasmin if you have happened to use them all?

    Chaturbate has been great for me & I’d like to expand. Have already been approved for all 3 programs.

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    You guys keep talking about chaturbate. Does it really convert? Why would people buy tokens when they can see everything for free? Don’t get me wrong, I know some sick fuckers throw thousands of tokens in tips at their favorite girl, but are you that lucky to catch one of those whales? I am afraid if I promoted chaturbate, I would only get free signups and almost no commission.

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    I have dozens of different niche websites with all kinds of traffic and I test cam sponsors on them and the CB is bringing me the most money, not always, but most of the time.

    If you have not promoted them, then you would never know if they would convert for you. The freemium and premium type of websites work for different people and it is good to promote both at the same time if you can.

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    Hi MrAdultAffiliate, I am looking to build my first chaturbate cam site with roboscript cam plugin, Can I start off with $1.00 Pay Per Registration option then switch to Revshare once I start getting enough traffic? If yes, will linking codes from old posts be updated to when I make the switch to revshare?

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