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    Hello guys! First post here. Not extremely experienced with the Adult industry.

    I have been involved with the all male bondage site, for years now but after redesigning the incredible old site looking site, I am looking into acquiring new viewers of Tom’s exclusive movies. He has been making movies since the 1980’s and some people with that fetish seem to REALLY like his stuff. AFAIK he has never had his own affiliate program. I feel like the site can really reach out and find new fans who appreciate it and therefore I feel it has a lot of potential.

    So keeping in mind the possible potential, would it be unfair and unwise to have an unusual affiliate program setup with something like 90-100% of initial billing of customers and something like 75% of movie downloadable sales?

    Basically I am trying not to handle any rebills since in order to do that I would have to work with Epoch’s low functioning system and all the extra hassle. But I want to be fair.

    Do y’all think something like this is possible without any complaints by affiliates?

    Otherwise any other tips anyone may have to having a successful affiliate program?

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    That is certainly an interesting breakdown of a one time return for an affiliate. Most sites offer around the $30 mark for a PPS, with revshare at 50%. I suppose one would like to know just what is the site retention, where you can offer an affiliate 90 to 100% of the first sale, and what the re-orders are for movie downloads so you can actually offer a 75% commission.

    Nor am I sure what you mean by ‘complaints by affiliates’ refers to. I think many affiliates complain not so much about the commission rate as to the lack of promotional material, regular updates, and communication than anything else.

    Anyhow, again welcome to the forum.


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    I don’t understand what you mean by the 90% thing.

    I think the best thing you can do is stick to the going rate for affiliates. Majority of sites offer 50% on first sales and 50% on rebills. It works very well for both the site owner and affiliate as the money is shared equally. Affiliate traffic in most cases are visitors your site would never receive as it would have been sent to a competitor. Its a bit like a closed network, unless you are a part of it you won’t get any share of it. In your case I would not do PPS, it’s a model that only works for very established large affiliate programs.

    Epoch in my view is a a bad choice of billing company. They won’t handle affiliate payments for you and have recently changed how it works in this respect. They have dealt badly with both site owners and affiliate, with very little notice stopping to handle affiliates.

    CCBill is by far the best billing company to use for smaller sites as they handle everything for you, lumping payments together for the affiliate and ratios are generally very good.

    Going solo, handling it all yourself through some type of affiliate software like NATs is a bad idea unless you have experiance and the time required. Many smaller sites have tried to handle it themselves but failed.

    There is a halfway solution that might really suit you which is Adult Siterunner. They have a full paysite system which handles most things for you but uses CCBill. It’s a good combination for smaller sites. Teddy is around here on the forum if you are interested.

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    Thanks for the welcome @Storyman

    Sorry for the lack of clarity on certain parts guys. Sometimes I’m so focused on the general idea that those get lost. Maybe I didn’t explain it the best way.
    The monthly membership fee is 29.99 so 100% of that is that same 30$ that @GayStoryMan mentioned. And the retention isn’t perfect but its pretty good since the material is fairly unique; so if you do like it you gotta stick around. I said 90%-100% because that 10% could potentially cover running costs for the servers for those users if they don’t happen to want to stick around.

    Currently switching to CCBill isn’t an option because I cannot make that decision. I have a WP Affiliate software that works well in tracking everything. I don’t plan on having too many affiliates currently since this is a trial of a way to increase the user base. I prefer quality of traffic over quantity. So management time should be minimal.

    Even with 75% movie downloads, It’s still only a DOWNLOAD. Doesn’t cost very much. But because of the exclusive material. If downloads are your thing you are bound to want more through that same medium.

    @GayDemon, I can’t change website code, or billing provider. But with the terms that I stated above, is that something that you could be okay with if you did a review of the site?

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    hey bud, maybe you need a new logo, something more attractive.

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