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    Quick question here.

    My company is preparing to launch a new bareback site built around the highly-successful DVD line, Bareback Inc. I’m interested in knowing what you all think is the best amount of content (scenes) to launch with? The site will have twice-weekly full action scene updates after its launch.

    As a caveat: of course the answer is “the more content, the better,” but what I’m looking for is a number: the amount of scenes you’d find acceptable/that would legitimize a new site.

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    Well, I’m pretty sure that adult review sites won’t even look at a site until you’ve got at least 50 videos up. I remember having trouble getting my site reviewed until I had around that number.

    Conservatively, I think you’re going to need at least 20 to get going and then update at least once or twice a week after that.

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    what are you interested in accomplishing with your launch? are you hoping for site reviews that send lots of traffic and good rebills or just regular affiliate traffic for a new site? i’ve seen sites launch with 7 videos, many sites launch with 10 to 12, and some from 20 to 40. but if you’re hoping for for traffic from review sites and good rebills, i’d consider at least 20 videos AND i’d be sure and show coming attractions with the dates or days of the week that they’ll be going live. still, if you’ll be doing some beta testing at first, why not start with 10 videos and only a few review sites and see how it goes?

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    When I launched my sites I was told by reviewers at the time to put up 10 videos and release one per week.

    I think the highly successful FraternityX and HazeHim also launched with about 10 updates.

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    I remember reading answers to this question awhile ago and I think the general consensus was to have 20 to 30 scenes at launch. But part of it depends on your introductory membership price… if its rock bottom, like $14.95 a month, then you can probably get by with less scenes.

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    I’d have to agree with all of the above replies… It’s hard to give you any sense of direction without knowing your intent. Being a new site, you need traffic and not just other webmasters or content providers visiting the site or writing reviews. You need “paying customers!” Where do they come from and not just the freeloading surfers.

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    Is there a difference in how many videos and picture sets you guys and girls recommend to start with?

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    I’m sure there is no #1 set method… if you’re using a Blog type website, from my own experience, use 6 to 10 different Titles, Boxcovers, description, categories, porn star names and 1 video clip per title.

    As for Search Engine’s, be sure to use meta tags <Title> and <Description>. The <Keyword> meta tag is not as important and can be removed or just not included. Bing and Yahoo will generally not index pages without the Title and Description, but forgiving of the Keyword.

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    Thanks so much for your thoughtful responses.

    Based on the quality of the content and our previous success with re-building my adult site, we feel certain this new site will be able to eventually position itself as a popular membership site. I was mostly asking to see how much content would be acceptable for review sites, without “giving away the farm” right off the bat, if that makes sense. I really appreciate everyone’s input and will of course keep you updated as we work to launch the new site.

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