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    Hi all,

    Does anyone know where to get non-watermarked (preferably amateurs or cam porn) videos from? And is it okay to re-upload, maybe on a different adult tube site, a video with my watermark on it? I wouldn’t want to violate any existing rules…and in fact, i don’t claim that video is my own property but just a re-share with my logo or website name.

    At any rate, once I do have my watermarked video, what’s the best way to do multiple uploads?
    Feel free to hit me with some other suggestions on this topic.


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    If you download and re-upload, even a simple homemade video and put your own domain name in the corner, it is called stealing and it is not something I would encourage to do.

    Besides all of that, at least in my experience, the traffic coming from watermarked videos uploaded to tubes is not converting very well and you would need to submit hundreds of them before you see any sales from it if you get a bit lucky.

    Another thing is that, you can get your channel taken down pretty quickly because XVideos will delete all your content after you receive just three copyright notices and if you do what you want to do and your channel becomes more popular, it is only a matter of time before it happens to you.

    But the reality is that homemade stuff gets significantly fewer reports than professional porn featuring stars but you still risk losing it anytime.

    There are a few softwares that help you with automatizing the video submitting process. You choose tubes you want to use from the list, upload the video once, choose the title, tags and the software does the rest.

    I do not have experience with any of them, so I can not tell you which one is better to use and which one you should avoid.

    Again, I do not advocate this method of making money. There are many more profitable and legal ways to do that.

    Why not create your own tube site and use embed videos on it. With the KenPlayer you can make them look like you are actually hosting them yourself and you can also add a logo and your own ads to the player.

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    Many of them will be deleated upon model’s or her representative request. So you will be working on adding unique titles, tags, descriptions, and then the videos will be deleted. Your account will be deleted, too.

    You are trying to make money with content that you do not own the copyright of. Besides, this method is saturated, as I am a member of a webmaster group, and a lot of newbie webmasters say they have upoaded a ton of videos, and get only a few clicks, but no conversions.

    I think it is much better to focus on getting organic traffic, rather than traffic from porn sites, where most of the visitors are there to simply jerk iff FOR FREE. They do not want to spend money, unlike the people forming the organic traffic.

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    Thanks so much for the valuable suggestions guys. I will not waste time with watermarking.

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