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    Its been a week since i made a white label of live privates, one of live jasmin chain. I have made all socai site pages and been posting everyday.. Inspite of all those im not getting any sales and registrations.. I would be greatful if anybody can help me..

    Thanks in advance

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    The biggest problem with the white labels is that they are not ranking well and often it is even impossible to do that with them. Google does not like them and for a good reason, they are full of a duplicate content and they have very little uniqueness.

    You will have to create some adult blogs or tubes and use them to drive traffic to this white label. You could use Twitter, Reddit and there are many other ways to get some visitors which I mention in this post:

    How To Promote Adult Webcam Site

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    To be honest, you’d had more luck building an affiliate cam site with the script like Robo which is recommended here and with some SEO work you might get some positions on the search engines. If you have a white label, your traffic sources are social media and it doesn’t convert well, so it’s kind of a waste of your money and time, unless you have some blogs that you can send hits from.

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    During the past years, I have seen so many affiliates making a twitter page for their new jasmin white label, trumpeting about how their white label is the best, the greatest, the most amazing and number one live sex site. A couple of thousands or just hundreds of posts later, they closed shop, that’s how much money their greatest, most amazing and number one live sex site was making. They could not even afford to pay 10 dollars a year to keep the white label running. Very few make money with social media and are still in the business. So don’t think that the members don’t know already that your white label si actually a the jasmin website. As soon as they see it on twitter, you will get a few likes, maybe, and that s it. If posting on social media a girl in bikini and bra would convert, we would all be millionaires by now.

    Now when I see a new white label on twitter, I think myself: here is another one who will waste time and close shop in the near future.

    I have a twitter account where I promote one of my white labels, it has a couple of tens of thousands of followers. You do not want to know how much money I make with that white label. It is actually peanuts money. But judging by the big number of followers, many would think I am making a killing.

    So stop dreaming about making money by posting sexy pictures on social media, and start thinking of getting organic traffic!

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