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    Here is a short tutorial on how to add adult videos that will work with the KenPlayer plugin.

    You can get this plugin on the website named and it will work with every WordPress theme.

    The first thing that you need to do after you install the plugin is to go to the KenPlayer Transformer settings and choose these settings:

    Active the transformation? Active

    Custom player VideoJS or JWPlayer

    Affect with: You can choose any adult tube sites that you are going to embed the videos from.

    URL of LOGO: Here you can put the link to your own logo which will be displayed on all the videos.

    LOGO link to URL: If you leave it blank, it will link to the homepage.

    Default poster: I recommend to leave it blank.

    Insert advertising HTML code: Here you should put the code of your ad which you want to put on the player.

    Active the Responsive with Fluidvids? Responsive with Fluidvids

    Now, if you create posts on your WordPress site then you need just to add the following code to your post:


    You can also add the embed code from the site like XVideos and if you activate this plugin, it will automatically use the custom player if you use such codes.

    If you have some questions, let us know.

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    This is a one of the greatest plugins out there and I love it how easy it is to use. You just copy and paste the code and that is it.

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    Price is too much for me right now, it was 20 dollars two months ago, is there any promo code available?

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    Considering that it is not a license for a single domain, you can use it on multiple websites and it is a really premium plugin, there is no other such plugin. I would say it is well worth the money.

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    Hi, can I use Kenplayer as standalone script?

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    No, I do not think so, but you may ask the owner of the site I am pretty sure that it only works on the WordPress but to make it work on the other content management systems, it would require a lot of work.

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    Jack Connors

    Hello! Do KenPlayer plugin work with other themes like wp-scripts theme and plugin. Or if I want to use it I also have to buy their themes?

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    Lakshan Sandeepa

    Now its coming as a standalone plugin 🙂

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    It is a plugin and it will work with any WordPress theme, at least it should work. I saw people using on the WP-Script and other themes or even blogs and I am sure that it will work just fine on your adult WordPress website as well. I recommend getting a ZingTube theme from XWPThemes, since it is an SEO optimized theme.

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    Mike R

    What will happens in the case where the plugin breaks? Will the shortcode generate the default embed code? I see that the plugin is unstable and an update from the tube sites will break it…

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