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    I use the KenPlayer, it has its own issues that I have been discussing on this forum, but at least it helps you to remove the ads and the WPS Player, I think only works with the XVideos, I am not sure about this one.

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    I am trying to use the KenPlayer plugin with a WP-Script theme. Can you please dumb down how I can update the code for existing videos? I have tried every instruction I can find, but the best result I have had is no change. The worst is that the video doesn’t load. Thanks!

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    Jason hannah


    I can’t get ken transformer or ad overlay anything working on my site. Using Retro theme. When I use the above the videos won’t play. Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    I am not doing this currently on my adult sites so I am not sure how you can do this, but here is a hope that other readers might give you some tips for this.

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    I have tried to purchase and install Ken Player as you suggested but it says activation failed! and the second time I have tried to purchase WPS Player and again I have some problems with that as well I think I should have listen to you and no one is there that can help me no customer service nothing at all

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    Sorry, I can not help you much. I use it on my older sites and I have not activated it on new domains for years.

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    Is there a video tutorial anywhere i can use to help me with setting up my kenplayer. It doesn’t seem to be working for me properly.

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    What exactly does not work for you? It has not been updated for some time so it is expected that some features might not work because tubes always try to make it stop working.

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